What to Look for in a Government and Public Sector Security Guard

In recent months, it’s been a privilege for Blackbird Security to provide our services to an increasing number of government and municipal clients. Considering the role these institutions play in our lives it’s rewarding to help secure their property, and infrastructure, while ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for staff and visitors alike.

Why Civic Security Guards are Important

The topic for this blog came to mind reading about the assault that took place on the official residence of the Prime Minister in summer of 2020. Just last week, an individual plead guilty to eight charges relating to the attack, with questions lingering about how he could gain access to what should be a heavily protected property.  

An unfortunate fact we must consider is the increasing attractiveness of government buildings as a target for those with axes to grind. As the stresses and anxiety of life during a pandemic continue to rise, public buildings have found themselves in the crosshairs of folks on the fringes of our society. Whether it’s Rideau Hall, or the recent attack on the US Capitol, municipal buildings need to re-assess their risk tolerance and consider making an investment in private security.

If you manage a public building, here are some key traits to look for in a private security guard.

Trained to Meet Any Scenario

In a public setting like a government building, it’s essential that security guards are trained to handle anything that comes their way. At Blackbird Security, our team receives best-in-class training that encompasses customer service, St. John’s Mental Health and First Aid Training, conflict resolution de-escalation techniques, trauma informed training, OFA First Aid training and cultural/social sensitivity training. If your security provider doesn’t meet these high standards, perhaps it’s time to consider a switch?

Customer Service Skills

In a setting like a government building, most of the time a security guard is at their station their role is to answer questions and provide guidance to the public. This is why it’s critical a security guards acts and looks professional, including excellent customer service. How the public perceives your security guard affects their experience of the visit. As part of their onboarding, our team members are trained to adopt a customer-service based approach to their work.

Read more about our approach to training in our blog about working with the BC Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.

Types of Civic Security We Can Provide

There’s no single “off the shelf” approach to security that works. That’s why we meet with every client to devise the most effective strategy for their private security. We offer a range of specialized security services for municipalities and governments, including:

  • Uniformed Security
  • Mobile Patrol Security
  • Event Security and Crowd Management
  • Concierge Security Services

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