Supply Chain Disruption Creates Ideal Conditions for Crime

As we continue to rebound from the impacts of COVID-19, disruptions to the global supply chain are being felt across Canada. Businesses are grappling with clogged ports, a shortage of truck drivers, and cargo sitting exposed in warehouses and open settings. Criminals are turning their attention to cargo theft in numbers, and many businesses are discovering (much to their cost) weaknesses in their supply chain security and warehouse security.

In 2021, the Canadian Trucking Alliance estimated total losses from cargo theft at $5 billion a year for Canadian businesses. These thefts are often extremely sophisticated, with heavy links to organized crime. No matter where the theft takes place, it can usually be traced back to a breakdown in security procedures, or a failure to adequately invest in warehouse security or logistics security. This growing trend in cargo theft is costing us all at the checkout, with prices rising to cover these costs.

So, what can businesses do to protect themselves against this alarming trend? The number one defense is to invest in private security through a company like Blackbird Security. Our innovative range of private security services can be tailored to protect our clients when and where they need it, providing efficient security coverage that works for every budget.

Warehouse and Logistics Security – Work with Blackbird

No matter where you’re based, Canada’s number one security company offers the following popular services that can be deployed in industrial, warehouse or other settings to protect vulnerable cargo from theft.

Uniformed Security Guards

In warehouse security, the presence of a uniformed security guard is highly effective at deterring theft. Their highly visible presence demonstrates a clear investment in security, scaring away opportunistic criminals while often deterring more organized crime. These adaptable logistics security specialists are available on long-term or short-term contracts, with terms that work for your individual needs. Our uniformed security guards have provided security services in warehouse settings to clients such as Sobey’s and Best Buy.

Warehouse Concierge Security

In a warehouse setting, concierge security acts like the Swiss Army Knife of the security world. These flexible front desk security guards act as the eyes and ears of a warehouse, and are equally adept at providing visitors with a warm welcome, as they are monitoring CCTV, working on access control and other critical logistics security services. Learn more about how our Concierge Security Guards work to protect our clients.

24/7 Mobile Patrol Security

With so much cargo sitting in sprawling warehouse and port settings, sometimes a stationary guard just can’t cover the entire site. Blackbird’s innovative Mobile Patrol Security service is perfect for plugging this gap, allowing our guards to cover large sites in a highly visible security vehicle. The shape of these patrols are entirely controlled by our clients, with mobile patrol security guards undertaking randomized patrols along pre-arranged routes. Just need an alarm response service? Our Mobile Patrols can be configured to respond specifically to certain triggers.

Logistics Security - Let Blackbird Security Help

Need assistance with protecting cargo? Whether you need warehouse security, industrial security or logistics security, Blackbird Security are Canada’s number one security company. Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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