Shopping Mall Security: 4 Simple Tips

Each day, thousands of shoppers descend on malls looking to browse, shop, or just hang out. Ensuring these visitors enjoy a pleasant experience, while protecting stores from theft, is the challenge facing all security professionals.

Here at Blackbird Security, our retail security guards and mall security staff are trained to control crowds, identify suspicious individuals, and deal with any incidents that arise in a calm and discreet manner. We understand it’s crucial to maintain the ambience and pleasant vibe of a mall while carrying out our duties. Our mall security and concierge teams are focused on excellent communication and customer service.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Mall Security Staff have added another skill to their collection, effortlessly pivoting to providing backup with public health measures and public safety. Learn more about the steps we’re taking to keep our team and the public safe.

If you’re considering investing in mall or retail security in 2021, have you considered partnering with Blackbird Security? Our team of loss prevention experts are looking forward to hearing from you.

To provide some inspiration, here are four simple tips to improve your mall security.

Define Your Security Scope

Your mall is a place people come to shop. It’s not Fort Knox. It’s crucial your security is effective but discreet. Would your mall be better served by plain clothes security? Undercover loss prevention? Think of your target demographic – your ideal shopper. Would they feel more secure with a visible security presence? Identifying the right mix for your security is a key early step in creating an effective security plan.

Situational Awareness Training

Every member of staff in a mall has a role to play in keeping the mall safe. While the threats they could potentially face in their line of work are not severe, it’s important they’re trained to know how to react if any higher-risk scenario happens. All staff should instinctively know what to do if they witness theft, suspicious behaviour, or any illegal activity. Our shopping mall security guards all undergo extensive training like incident de-escalation and OFA certification. 

Plan for Busy Periods

Your approach to security should be flexible to account for higher traffic periods. For example, your security plan for a slow Sunday morning should be vastly different to a Boxing Day or a Black Friday. Higher traffic means higher chance of incidents. Strategize for the type of incidents you may face on high traffic days and have a plan in place to deal with them. Blackbird Security also has a great mobile patrol team which can check on the Mall overnight and ensure the premises are safe and secured. 

Technology is Your Friend

Whether it’s cameras, tagging systems or automating your inventory, technology exists to help keep malls more secure. Criminals are often on the cutting edge of technology in their attempts to stay one step ahead, so it’s vital your technology keeps up with the times. At Blackbird Security, we regularly invest in new technology solutions such as the innovative TrackTik technology our Mobile Patrol Guards utilize. Our security guards are trained and experienced on monitoring and working with many different CCTV systems and SCADA software. 

Here to Help

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