Providing Tactical Security to MEC in Kelowna

Blackbird is proud to protect a wide range of retail clients across Canada. Renowned across BC as the best security company in the area, we are excited to announce our partnership with locally-founded activewear brand MEC (Mountain Equipment Company) at their Kelowna location.

MEC is a world-famous retailer of activewear and outdoor products, boasting a wide range of quality gear, clothing, and services, and beloved by Canadians for their diverse offering of products for almost every outdoor activity. Its spacious, easy to navigate location in Kelowna makes it a popular destination with customers looking for gear whose quality they can trust. The Blackbird Tactical Security team is happy to provide protection for this Canadian-founded business, helping them protect their clothing and goods from retail security threats. 

Blackbird will have Tactical Security Guards stationed at MEC Kelowna seven days a week, as part of our completely customizable retail security services. Their goal is to prevent retail loss, crime, and disturbances throughout the store. 

Why Tactical Security is Essential for Large Retailers 

Founded in Vancouver in 1971, MEC sells a diverse offering of apparel and equipment for lovers of movement and the outdoors. Famous for their membership perks and product warranty, Canadians rely on MEC for outdoor gear that suits their lifestyle and can withstand the demands of their chosen activity. With so many products to protect and sprawling locations, it’s no wonder that MEC turned to Blackbird Security to help them prevent retail loss and petty crime at their Kelowna location.

MEC knows that Blackbird’s on-site security is key to managing retail theft and preventing losses. This is because businesses that have tactical officers stationed in-store deal with significantly less financial loss that results from shoplifting and stolen items. Thanks to Blackbird Security’s expert training, tactical officers are skilled at stopping retail crime before it happens, and managing any incidents that do occur with utmost professionalism. With our loss prevention team on-site, MEC will see fewer losses, meaning they can continue to invest in the best new activewear for their customers and loyal members. 

Blackbird’s tactical security guards offer more than just loss prevention, however. They also act as a calm and authoritative presence, enhancing the shopping experience for customers and providing peace of mind for staff. Our security team is ready to handle any hostile or violent situations that may arise, allowing staff to focus on their job of managing merchandise and assisting customers. This relieves them from the burden of having to deal with situations they may not have been trained to handle. 

Partner with Blackbird Security For Your Retail Security Needs

If your retail business is seeking Retail Security, Loss Prevention, or one of our other customizable security services, our Blackbird Security professionals are ready and eager to offer their protection. Our team offers flexible plans tailor-made to meet the needs of your business. Contact us today to get started.

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