Protecting Company Cars and the Employees Who Drive Them

Approximately 71 per cent of businesses have company cars. Typically granted as a perk to staff at a senior level, company cars represent a significant outlay for most businesses. Why then, do most businesses give little thought to optimizing the safety and security of both car and driver?

A Casual Approach

Many businesses entrust the staff member responsible for the car to ensure it remains secure. With so much money invested, there’s no reason for this casual approach. Maybe it’s the fact we run a security business, but this seems like a bad investment to us. Ensuring steps are taken to protect these vehicles will save a great deal of time and money long term.

Considering investing in a company car for your business? From insurance coverage, to putting processes in place for usage, here are some tips for improving the security of company cars.

Choose the Right Car

In general terms, it’s highly recommended to choose a company car that offers reliability and high levels of fuel economy. Don’t go for anything flashy that will attract unwanted attention. Depending on the nature of the business, it might be appropriate to invest in something with a lot of storage space, or the ability to comfortably handle heavy loads. Try to find a sweet spot of functionality, reliability and fuel economy and you’re on the right track.

Put Rules in Place

Given the investment needed to purchase a company car, it’s prudent to put some basic rules in place to maintain the asset and ensure its long-term performance. Align these rules with your business rulebook so staff know breaking them will lead to disciplinary issues. Rules can be common sense in nature, with consideration given to the following areas:

  • 100 per cent usage of seat belts
  • Zero tolerance of alcohol or drugs
  • Use only for work purposes
  • No texting or phone usage
  • Obey the rules of the road

High Barrier for Entry

Considering giving an employee use of a company car? Don’t be afraid to ask for their driving history. Be consistent with this policy, as people are less likely to take offence if they see the rules enforced consistently across the business. If someone’s driving record isn’t spotless, is it really worth handing them the keys to such a significant investment?

Hire the Experts

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