Planning for Growing Security Needs

As we stand on the brink of a new year and new decade, many business owners have made the resolution to grow their business in 2020. This is an exciting time, filled with big decisions to be made. One thing that can’t be ignored is how to address business security needs as a business grows. It’s all too easy for possible risks to grow before appropriate controls and protocols can be put in place. This week, we’re going to look at best practices in security management for growing businesses.

Provide Adequate Resources

Whether you’re planning on contracting out your security needs, or you’re going to handle it in-house, it’s vital to sufficiently fund your security plan. When crafting a budget, the amount you’re spending on security should grow with your revenue. For a lot of businesses, an increase in revenue brings an increase in risk from criminals. Not adequately funding your security plan can result in a spend that far outstrips the budget and a lot of stress and risk. It’s a risk you don’t need to take.

Audit Your Physical Infrastructure

As a business grows, it becomes a more attractive target for determined thieves. Just because your security infrastructure has held up until now, doesn’t mean it’s fit for a larger business. Audit all locks and consider upgrading to more robust options. If security cameras haven’t been installed, they can act as a powerful deterrent and should be strongly considered. How effective is your alarm system? If you’re unable to perform any of these tasks in-house, Blackbird Security has years of experience in this area. Our services like Mobile Security Patrol, Uniformed Security and Loss Prevention are perfect additions to any security plan.

Look at Industry Best Practices

It’s often said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. With this in mind, look at how businesses operating in your industry handle their security infrastructure. A lot of businesses will be happy to share their security insights with you. Otherwise, you’ll be unaware of the years of discussions and advancements taking place at an industry level regarding security. Leverage this knowledge and make sure to pass on your tips to any businesses following in your footsteps. While you may be rivals in business, you’re partners in crime prevention.

Train Your Staff

Security should be viewed as a collaborative practice. Each member of your team has a role to play. Ensure staff receive regular security training so they’re aware of best practices. Give all team members a small element of responsibility so they feel invested and watchful. As growing businesses tend to hire staff at a faster rate than others, ensure all new team members are quickly brought up to speed on their responsibilities.

Let Blackbird Security Help

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