Loss Prevention – Is Uniformed or Undercover More Effective?

In a recent blog post, we spoke about how important retail security is for keeping staff safe and preventing theft. Retail clients usually ask us whether their loss prevention security is best deployed undercover, or as a strong visual deterrent as a uniformed security guard. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. It depends entirely on the unique circumstances of the retail store, and the type of threats they face.

So, how do you decide which option is best for protecting your property? In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the things you need to consider when it comes to choosing undercover loss prevention, or uniformed security guards for your retail store. No matter which option you choose, Blackbird Security’s highly trained and flexible security guards will provide the highest standards of service.

Undercover Loss Prevention Security

Undercover security guards are experts at camouflage. They discreetly blend into the background, watching out for suspicious behaviour without arousing any suspicion. Thanks to their comprehensive training, they are second-to-none at preventing shoplifting, while ensuring staff and customers alike enjoy a positive and safe experience on the premises.

Working with an undercover loss prevention security guard also has a number of benefits for retail businesses. For starters, they preserve the ambiance and positive feeling in a store as customers can shop without feeling they are being watched by security. They are also highly effective, as they lull shoplifters into a false sense of security. They’re perfect for larger stores too, as thieves work under the assumption they’ll be able to hide from security cameras and staff.

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Uniformed Security Guards

On the other side of the argument, uniformed security guards are highly effective because they stand out, they’re easy to see, and they immediately create an atmosphere that’s hostile to crime simply by being present. They are seen as individuals of power and authority, and it’s implied to criminals that if any theft is attempted, there will be consequences.

We’ve spoken many times about our experience of most crimes being opportunistic. The presence of a uniformed security guard is often enough to stop the problem before it has time to start.

In an emergency situation, a uniformed security guard stands out as a point of contact for customers and staff alike. Their training allows them to take an active role in evacuation efforts, calmly acting as a liaison and guide for the public when time and cool heads are invaluable.

One of the strengths of Blackbird Security’s uniformed security guards is their comprehensive training in customer service. We understand that the majority of our guards’ interactions with the public are customer service-based, and this training equips them with the knowledge they need to act as frontline brand ambassadors in your store.

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Deploying Uniformed Security and Undercover Loss Prevention

An increasing number of Canadian businesses are deploying a mixture of uniformed security guards and undercover loss prevention. This highly effective combination delivers the best of both worlds, with a thief thinking they just need to avoid the uniformed guard to commit a crime.

If your store is falling victim to serial theft, or organized theft, this combination is highly effective at slowing down and ultimately stopping the problem.

Blackbird Security is Here to Help

As we stated earlier, the most effective solution for each retail space is different. Blackbird Security is standing by to meet with you for a one-on-one consultation about your security and loss prevention needs. If you’re considering undercover loss prevention or uniformed security guards, contact us and let’s discuss your options.

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