Stop Risking Frontline Employee Safety – Invest in Private Security

A horrific news story broke earlier this week, when it emerged that a grocery store employee in Vancouver was punched in the face when he attempted to apprehend a shoplifter. The worker had spotted a man attempting to steal a box of cereal. When he intervened, he was met with an extremely aggressive response from the perpetrator. Unfortunately, this type of incident is becoming commonplace in Canadian cities.

At Blackbird Security, this is a situation we are closely familiar with. Just last year, we partnered with Vancouver Police Department on several pilot initiatives aimed at apprehending violent shoplifters – Project Arrow, and Boost and Bust. These programs represented a small but significant part of our ongoing efforts to help our clients prevent losses from shoplifting.

Our industry leading loss prevention team made 28,703 apprehensions and merchandise recoveries in 2021 alone, for a total of $2,324,022 of direct savings to the Canadian retail businesses we service. Our loss prevention security guards receive comprehensive training that equips them to effectively deal with this type of aggressive crime. Don’t risk the safety of your frontline workers. Partner with Blackbird Security for retail security and loss prevention services to prevent any incidents happening in your space. Here are some of the loss prevention and uniformed security services we offer to clients across Canada.

Uniformed Security Guards

Looking for a highly visible deterrent to shoplifting? Crime flourishes when criminals spot easy targets. Uniformed security guards address this issue, acting as an effective visible barrier to crime, while also adopting a customer service-based approach to their interactions with shoppers. When you hire a Blackbird Security Uniformed Security Guard, you’re sending a powerful message to potential criminals that their presence isn’t welcome.

Elite Suit and Tie Security

If your business operates in the high-end, luxury retail world, Elite Suit and Tie security is perfect for preserving the exclusivity of your brand, while keeping staff and property safe. These expertly trained security guards reflect the high standards our clients expect, all while delivering the high touch, personalized security service warranted in high-end retail.

Loss Prevention

Whether they’re working undercover, or conducting highly visible patrols, our highly trained loss prevention team are experts in retail loss prevention, shrinkage reduction, and non-violent crisis intervention. No matter the size of your retail store – whether it’s a grocery store, electronics store or clothing store – we can build a custom loss prevention plan that maximizes your coverage while working within your existing budget.

Here to Help 

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