Keeping Your Property Safe During COVID-19

Taken a stroll through any of our Downtown Cores in the last week or two? You’ve likely noticed the boarded-up shopfronts, lack of cars and pedestrians. As we all stay home and do our part to promote physical distancing, one group has been enjoying a booming period – thieves.

According to the Vancouver Police Department, commercial break-ins have grown 100 per cent between the first two weeks of March and the last two weeks. As our commercial areas empty out, it’s created opportunities for crime to flourish. Are you doing everything you can to stop it?

How Blackbird Security Can Help

At Blackbird Security, we’re operating as normal assisting with enforcing physical distancing at our partner retailers. We’re also available to assist new clients in this time, helping them to cover the security gaps left on-site as staff remain home. Our Pandemic Preparedness Plan ensures continuity of service where it’s needed most.

Services We Offer

Blackbird Security is Western Canada’s fastest growing security company. We employ over 250 trained security professionals throughout British Columbia (Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Prince George, Okanagan, Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island), Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton) and Manitoba (Winnipeg).

We understand each client is different, and we tailor our services to fulfill their unique needs. We offer the following security options that can help during this challenging time.

Uniformed Security Guards

We have years of experience working with several national retailers to uphold their reputation while protecting their staff and company assets. Theft is often a crime of opportunity, and our frontline uniform security staff provide a visible and highly trained deterrent. As part of our uniformed security-training program, our security professionals undergo a full customer service training program to ensure they deliver the highest standards of professional service to your customers.

Frontline Patrol Staff

Is your site sitting empty and unprotected? Blackbird Security’s frontline patrol staff offers a cost-effective deterrent that provides all the value, without cutting corners on the service. Whether on foot, or part of our vehicle patrol, our professional team members deal with any situation based on your instructions and our robust security protocols. All incidents are detailed in an incident report so you are fully aware of the situation and how it was dealt with.

Mobile Patrols

This cutting-edge service utilizes the latest in GPS tracking to ensure full coverage of client property. We begin by consulting with you on the most efficient and effective routes for our team to patrol. Once we’ve devised the routes our security patrols will take, a GPS tracker is installed on-site, with patrols checking in digitally as they pass. Their location, and time since last check-in, can be instantly tracked through the app. This provides real-time peace of mind that’s accessible with one click from anywhere in the world. 

Let us Help

During this challenging time for us all, don’t let crime win. If you have any questions about our professional security services, or how Blackbird Security can help protect your business don’t hesitate to contact us.

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