How to Become a Security Guard in Ontario

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and join the fast-paced and rapidly growing world of private security? Working as a security guard in Ontario requires an individual to first get a security guard license. For many of our competitors in the world of Ontario security services, this is enough. At Blackbird, we believe a security license is just the first step.

Our services are only as good as the hard-working security guards that supply them. When we hire for our growing team, it’s vital we choose the right people. We then equip them with the industry leading training they need to excel in their role.

The reasons are simple. Security guards have never faced more challenges in their day-to-day roles. They interact with hundreds of individuals a day, and most of their interactions require a degree of customer service that isn’t required by traditional security guard training. That’s why Blackbird Academy stands as Canada’s most comprehensive security guard training program. Modules include:

  • Advanced Security Training taught by our in-house certified AST Training Manager
  • Occupational First Aid (OFA) Certification
  • Naloxone Administration Training
  • John’s Mental Health Training
  • Trauma Informed Training
  • Indigenous Awareness Training 201 (in partnership with Indigenous Awareness Canada)
  • Customer Service Training
  • Incident De-escalation and Conflict Resolution Training

Before we proceed to our in-house training, candidates in Ontario must hold a valid security guard license to operate within the province. Whether you’re interested in working as a Brampton security guard, Mississauga security guard, or Toronto security guard, we’ve gathered the information you need to secure an Ontario security license.

Applying for an Ontario Security Guard License

To be considered eligible for a security guard license in Ontario, you must satisfy the following criteria:

When you apply for your licence, you must submit the following items with your application:

Work for Ontario’s Best Security Company

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