Edmonton Mobile Patrol in Edmonton's Chinatown

Looking for mobile patrol in Edmonton? With a strong presence across Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba, Blackbird Security is your best choice for professional security. Our mobile patrol units will make thieves and vandals think twice. On July 29th we commenced a new contract with Edmonton's Chinatown. Chinatown is well known in Edmonton and is notorious as a high crime area. You have probably heard of the NHL Hub in Edmonton? Chinatown literally begins across the street from it. Read on to hear about the difference Blackbird mobile and foot patrol security has made in this area.

What is Edmonton’s Chinatown?

Edmonton's Chinatown was established 100 years ago and is located in Edmonton's downtown core, nextdoor to the Ice District (where the Oilers play). It is separated into two distinct areas within the downtown core. Chinatown consists of around 200 businesses including pharmacies, restaurants, car dealerships, a gas station, barber shops and grocery stores. We were contacted by the BIA Chinatown to help provide both mobile and foot patrol throughout the day, patrolling an area of over 4 square kilometres. 

What Were the Problems in the Area?

Since the start of COVID-19, there has been an increase in activity from vagrants and trespassers in the area. The main concerns have been: loiters sleeping on private property, blocking fire exits parking lots and other covered areas, drug paraphernalia left on site such as needles, unwanted individuals disrupting customers/patrons and overnight break-and-enters.

 Edmonton Mobile Patrols - What Blackbird Security Does

Blackbird Security is part of the Edmonton Police Co-op, forming a collaborative relationship.  Many patrols are done alongside EPS, working together to help homeless individuals and business owners. Our tasks include: removing trespassers and loiters, liaising with the EPS and other stakeholders to ensure the best image for Chinatown and Edmonton and working with social workers/homeless shelters to provide long-lasting solutions.   

Edmonton Mobile Patrols, The Blackbird Difference

We have made a significant difference to Edmonton Chinatown security since we’ve started, with the local tenants and residents commending and giving us great feedback. Since commencing the contract, we have had to remove intoxicated individuals using verbal de-escalation techniques, without any use of force. We check in with business owners, who all pay fees as part of the local BIA. Our job is to listen to every concern, ensuring each stakeholder feels like this security investment is making a difference. Following our standard operating procedures, we have a dedicated, 24/7 dispatch line local businesses owners can call in the event they need security. Our mobile response time is less than 10 minutes. Blackbird Security guards are equipped to dispose of most drug paraphernalia including needles and pipes etc.

A Collaborative Approach to Edmonton Mobile Patrols

As shown with our good work in Edmonton’s Chinatown, we take a collaborative approach to security, meeting with the business owners, BIA, City of Edmonton officials and Edmonton Police Department regularly. Often our patrols are done with the EPS, as pictured. 

Edmonton mobile patrol

Find Out More About Our Edmonton Mobile Patrols

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