Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Business in 2020 and Beyond

Earlier this year, we wrote about the importance of cybersecurity and why you can't afford to ignore it. As a new year and new decade loom large on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to refresh best practices in cybersecurity and equip our businesses with the infrastructure needed to safely navigate our increasingly online world.

At Blackbird Security, our main business is protecting our clients from real world threats. However, we’re seeing an increase in requests for assistance with cybersecurity. Companies are taking their online presence more seriously than ever and it’s only natural they want to protect their investment.

Why Cybersecurity is Vital

Whether it’s client records, accounting history or valuable trade secrets. What would happen to your business if this key information was stolen or you couldn’t access it? An Ipsos survey found that one in four Canadian small businesses with yearly revenues of $10 million or more had been hit by a cyberattack. It’s a growing threat and one you need to prepare for before it’s too late.

Why Small Businesses are Vulnerable

The unfortunate truth is that small businesses are viewed as a soft touch. They handle the same sensitive data as larger organizations, often with much lower levels of security. Cyber criminals thrive in this environment and the impact can be devastating. According to the earlier mentioned Ipsos survey, 15 per cent of Canadian small businesses said they would immediately cease functioning if they couldn’t access their vital digital data.

How to Protect Your Business from Cybercrime

As we rapidly approach 2020, cyber criminals have never had more tools at their disposal. The first step to take is to sit down with Blackbird Security’s IT experts and discuss the unique needs of your business. We will craft a Cybersecurity action plan that will keep your business safe. This also includes a physical audit of your space to inform you of any physical threats to your IT infrastructure. Elsewhere, here are some tips to keep your business safe:

Antivirus or Endpoint Security

Most businesses are aware of the need for antivirus software. However, they often don’t have the right product, haven’t renewed their subscription or they aren’t updated to the latest version. Audit your antivirus options, ensure everything is up to date, and prevent employees from bringing their own computers and connecting to the network unless they are protected with antivirus software.

Backup Regularly

While we strive for the best-case scenario, sometimes plans can go awry. If your business does come under attack, keeping regular backups will allow you to recover and restore your systems with minimal downtime. Get into the habit of regularly backing up!

Policies and Education

Your employees are both your best asset and your biggest risk when it comes to cyber security. Many breaches are due to human error. If you’re not implementing basic security procedures and educating your employees on the threats, you can’t expect them to know how to respond to an attack. The safety of your business is worth putting a few guidelines in place and making sure staff understand their role in protecting the business. Something as simple as requiring strong passwords or passphrases on all devices, and requiring them to be changed frequently, can go a long way.

Here to Help

Need advice on any aspect of your business’ cyber security needs? At Blackbird Security, our IT security experts are standing by to assist. Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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