Why You Shouldn't Ignore Cybersecurity

This month on the blog we’re focussing on some of the major don’ts of the security industry. We’ve touched on a lot of important, actionable suggestions and things to implement within your security plans and practices, but sometimes it’s just as important to look at what not to do.

Do not: forget about cybersecurity!

This is a huge factor in today’s safety and security landscape, but many businesses still underestimate its importance. When it comes to on-site security, we often discuss the need for physical security elements such as guards, equipment or alarm systems, but no matter what type of business you have, these measures should be implemented in tandem with cybersecurity measures. Whether your business is service or product based, there will be some elements of cybersecurity that remain relevant, even if you consider your business to be low-tech or primarily offline.

The trouble with ignoring cybersecurity is that, often, it can seem inconsequential. The issues that arise from a lack of cybersecurity are not always obvious until the damage has already been done, in which case it may be too late. For even the most low-tech of businesses, in this age it is extremely unlikely that absolutely no elements of business are conducted online or digitally. And for everything that is done digitally, protection measures are required.

Consider a small, more traditionally-run business that has been in operation for decades. This business may be very slowly digitizing or moving towards using a few online functions, but for the most part remains traditional and tends to steer away from computer and online-based operations. This business may not see any need for cybersecurity measures, and there may even be a lack of awareness when it comes to cybersecurity. But a cybersecurity breach can lead to many dangerous outcomes that can be difficult or expensive to rectify. This could include things such as the leaking of confidential information, outsider access to financial information and accounts, access to important passwords and identification, hacking and intrusion, or even insider theft or inappropriate use of technology by staff members.

No matter what type of business you run, or what level of technology use you incorporate within your business, cybersecurity is essential. Protect your data and information, monitor your system use and protect your systems from any kind of security breach or outsider access. Focus on physical on-site security, but don’t forget about IT systems and cybersecurity too! If you have questions about cybersecurity or are in need of any cybersecurity services, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ve got your digital and online security needs covered.

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