Blackbird Security Launches Partnership with H&M in Downtown Toronto

As Canada’s fastest growing security service provider, Blackbird is proud to serve a diverse array of clients that span across Canada. Trusted as Ontario’s best security company, we are thrilled to be launching a new partnership with multinational fashion retailer H&M at their 429 Queen St. W location in Toronto, Ontario

As the second largest clothing retailer in the world, H&M is a staple destination for Canadians looking to capitalize on the latest trends at an affordable price point. With three floors, the Queen West H&M is a downtown Toronto hub for consumers looking for fresh fashions. The Blackbird Retail Security team couldn’t be more thrilled to be helping this bustling business stay safe from Retail Security threats. 

As part of our 100% customizable security services, Blackbird will have Tactical Security Guards deployed at the Queen West H&M seven days a week. Their main focus is on loss prevention, retail security, and reducing retail theft. 

Loss Prevention is Key for Busy Fashion Retailers

Did you know Canadian retailers lose over $8 billion a year to shoplifters? Shoplifting is a major problem for retail store owners, even in the best of times, and even those internationally renowned like H&M. In a busy and bustling downtown Toronto store like H&M’s Queen West location, it pays dividends to keep loss prevention top of mind – and that starts with first acknowledging retail staff can’t do it alone. Not only are retail staff busy doing their primary job of handling merchandise and serving customers, but odds are they haven’t been comprehensively and properly trained in dealing with the sometimes volatile and violent situations that arise.  

So what’s the solution? 

Well, as the Queen West H&M agrees, it’s crucial for those working in the retail sector to invest in highly-trained loss prevention staff like the ones employed by Blackbird Security. Our diligent Retail Security guards are exceptional at retail loss prevention, shrinkage reduction and non-violent crisis intervention. 

We’re happy to help an array of clients from all different businesses and sectors out with their Retail Security needs, and that starts with our Retail Security staff receiving the aforementioned comprehensive training.

Blackbird Academy: The Best Retail Security Training   

 At Blackbird Academy, our security guards receive the most comprehensive security training in the industry. Delivered via a combination of our own in-house team as well as through exterior experts in the field, our comprehensive training program encompasses areas like Customer Service, OFA (Occupational First Aid) Training, St. John’s Mental Health Training, Conflict Resolution, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, and more. It’s why we’re trusted to be front-line security for so many businesses across Canada, and execute on all matters related to Tactical Loss Prevention. 

You can learn more about Blackbird Academy here

Partner with Blackbird Security For Your Loss Prevention Needs

If your business is similarly looking for Retail Security, Loss Prevention, or one of our other specialized security services, the Blackbird Security professionals are standing by to assist whenever and wherever it’s needed. Our team offers 100% customizable plans made to suit your unique business. Contact us today to get started.

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