Are You Investing Enough in Your Concierge Security?

Walk into any recent condo development or public building and you’ll likely be greeted at the front desk by a security concierge. These concierges are some of the hardest working and versatile security staff, and the demand for their services is only increasing in recent years. In fact, with rising crime across Western Canada, they’ve become a “must have” for any new development.

Against increased demand for concierge services, it’s never been more important to partner with the right security provider. A concierge isn’t just the face of your building. They tend to emergencies, assist with building maintenance, and they’re trained to expertly diffuse any security scenario.

Concierge Security – It’s Worth the Investment

Most modern buildings and modern lifestyles require 24/7 concierge service. For example, a condo tower might have a couple of hundred individual units. The concierge will face significant demands on their time.

Cutting corners on concierge service can lead to gaps and shortcomings in service that criminal elements can exploit. This is not a position to go with the lowest value contract, or minimal staffing requirement. It’s crucial to take a balanced approach, ensuring your concierge team members have the bandwidth to adequately deal with any situation that may arise.

Balancing security and service is no easy task for a property concierge at the best of times. It’s almost impossible when adequate investment hasn’t been made. To keep the building safe, it’s just common sense to set aside the right budget and consider increasing your concierge service level.

Meeting Your Concierge Security Needs

Blackbird Security provides concierge services across British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. Our team members are equally adept at protecting commercial buildings, or residential condos. During our initial consultation with clients, we assess the unique characteristics of the property, the neighbourhood, and the needs of the building. Once we’ve completed this multi-step process, we can make a tailored security plan that works to keep the building safe.

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Customized Concierge Options

No two buildings are the same. That’s why your concierge security provider should be able to provide a customized security solution to fit your unique circumstances and budget. If you’re interested in hearing how our concierge services can help protect your building, contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

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