5 Ways Mobile Security Can Keep Your Toronto Condominium Secure

The Toronto Police Service released their 2023 data last week, revealing a 25.3% increase in break-and-enters last year, for a total of 7,641 incidents. Though not yet above pre-pandemic levels, break-ins have been steadily increasing year over year since 2021. 

Among these crimes are condominium break-ins. Following the one-year anniversary of a fatal condo shooting in Vaughn, Ontario condo associations are expressing concerns over safety, as reported by City News

Employing condominium security gives residents much-needed peace of mind and personal protection. Mobile security patrols are one effective solution that provides security at cost-efficient rates. In this blog, we’ll discuss 5 ways that mobile security patrols keep condos and their residents safe. 

Blackbird Security offers Toronto condo mobile patrol security

1. Randomized Patrols

Mobile security patrols and overnight checks are randomized, which introduces an element of unpredictability that acts as a powerful deterrent to potential criminals. Random patrols prevent patterns from forming, making it difficult for criminals to predict security movements. Typically, criminals will survey a targeted location to determine the schedules of occupants or security patrol routes and assess the optimal time to commit a crime. With the incorporation of randomized security patrol schedules, this becomes impossible. 

This strategic approach combined with the visual presence of a mobile security guard patrolling in a marked vehicle adds an extra layer of security, sending a clear message that the condominium is actively protected. Blackbird Security’s Ontario fleet of mobile patrol vehicles is visibly marked and equipped with flashing overhead lights, which are highly effective in scaring away would-be criminals during active incidents. 

2. Customizability

The advantage of mobile security lies in its adaptability to meet the specific needs of individual condominiums. This customizability allows for tailored security plans based on the unique needs of each condominium residence. 

For example, Toronto condos that don't require a constant on-site guard can benefit from scheduled mobile patrols and overnight checks, focusing on key areas such as access points, parking areas, and enforcement of regulations. This flexibility ensures that security measures align precisely with each condominium's needs, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on safety.

In addition, mobile patrol guards can perform checks and tasks specific to individual condominium needs. For instance, if there’s a known vagrancy issue during a specific window, your condo’s mobile security guard can check the area to ensure security. 

Blackbird Security offers Toronto condo mobile patrol security

3. Off-Hours Protection

For condominiums that have daytime security coverage but a gap during night hours, mobile security offers a solution for off-hours protection in the form of overnight checks. Mobile security guards can be scheduled to patrol the premises during the night, enhancing access point and perimeter security. 

Mobile security guards respond swiftly to alarms triggered in the building, ensuring that any potential threats are addressed promptly. This round-the-clock vigilance, even without a dedicated on-duty guard, adds a vital layer of protection, creating a secure environment for residents during all hours.

4. Real-time Reporting

At Blackbird Security, we integrate our security services with the industry-leading reporting software TrackTik. TrackTik elevates the effectiveness of mobile security by providing real-time incident reports and updates. This advanced reporting system ensures that our clients have instant access to critical information through our online customer portal. 

Through a system of detailed reporting and checkpoints, TrackTik allows our mobile security guards to make real-time updates accessible to our clients and 24/7 Control Centre staff. Our staff have access to our mobile guards’ locations at all times, ensuring prompt dispatch in the case of a triggered alarm or emerging security incident. This transparency empowers clients to stay informed on security events as they unfold, fostering a proactive approach to condominium safety.

Blackbird Security offers Toronto condo mobile patrol security

5. Ground Coverage

Mobile security optimizes ground coverage within the condominium premises. The ability of mobile security guards to cover a larger footprint in less time is a game-changer, especially for larger condos or clients who need security coverage across multiple condos. 

This efficiency is valuable in preventing and deterring criminal activities. The randomized schedule followed by mobile security guards ensures that potential criminals, thieves, vagrants, and vandals cannot predict when and where the next patrol will occur, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches.

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The adoption of mobile security measures offers condominiums a dynamic and adaptable approach to safety. From randomized patrols to real-time reporting, each facet of mobile patrol security contributes to a comprehensive and effective security strategy. Above all, this ensures the peace of mind and safety of condominium residents.

Mobile patrols can be customized to suit the needs of any condo or group of properties. Get in touch with us to find out how Blackbird Security can deploy mobile security to your managed condominium in Toronto, Scarborough, North York, or Etobicoke. 

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