3 Types of Security for Your Alberta-Based Business

Did you know that not only does Blackbird Security provide security services to all of BC, but Alberta too?! We are very proud to offer top notch, customized security solutions within Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and all throughout Alberta. We offer a full range of services from mobile patrol and on-site guards to concierge services and elite event security. Here are a few security services that may be particularly useful for Alberta-based businesses:

Mobile Patrol:

Mobile patrol units can be useful in a lot of places, however they especially come in handy in regions with a lot of land or space to cover. Alberta has wide expanses of land and is home to many industrial sites. These are sites that require a high degree of security, but may not necessarily need guards situated throughout the site at all times. A mobile patrol unit circulates throughout various sites on a regulated schedule and route, ensuring that any unusual activity or potential security breach is addressed immediately. 

Property Management:

For people who own, manage or supervise commercial or residential buildings, there are very specific security needs to consider.  Alberta’s larger cities and residential areas are home to many buildings like these, in need of their own security. We recommend undertaking a security audit before putting a plan into place, as every building, business or site will have its own specific needs. Once an audit is complete, a custom plan can be created to match your exact security needs. When it comes to property management, this will likely include a combination of concierge services, patrol guards or mobile patrol. Take the time to figure out what your Alberta-based site would benefit the most from, and create a plan from there! 

Loss Prevention:

Unfortunately, theft occurs within almost any retail-based business. Whether your business is a large department store in the heart of Edmonton, or a small family-run shop in one of Alberta’s many small towns, you’ve likely experienced theft or vandalism. Loss prevention services have been proven to drastically reduce instances of theft in all different retail settings. When considering loss prevention services, you can choose between uniformed guards or undercover guards. Some businesses also opt to have patrol security screening their retail locations periodically throughout the night to avoid instances of break-in, vandalism or theft that may occur outside of operational hours. 

Alberta is a large province, with areas that vary from small isolated towns to large bustling cities. Security needs also vary, but no matter what your specific situation or needs may be, there are always options. Blackbird is proud to provide security services within the province of Alberta, and we would be thrilled to create a solution for you or your business. If you’re in need of security services in Alberta, let us know! We’re here to help.

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