Should You Hire a Private Security Firm During COVID-19?

The decision to hire a private security firm to monitor workplace health isn’t just good for public health—it’s good for business. You may have heard the news this week that two meat processing plants in Alberta were sources of COVID-19 outbreaks. In one of the plants, almost 500 people were infected and one person died. It’s no wonder that the virus spread like wildfire, since workers who were sick with COVID-19 continued to be allowed to work. This is a big risk for public health and also a business liability; one of the plant managers may face criminal charges because of it. 

With proper screening, these particular outbreaks could have been avoided. Within the next two months, workplaces will gradually re-open for business. That said, we can't expect full normality until a vaccine is developed. Until then, we need to remain vigilant to protect the health of our citizens and workers, and also supply chains across the country. 

Protect Your Workplace by Limiting the Spread 

One of the best ways to protect workplace health and safety is by closely monitoring entry points. We’ve seen this in countries like Italy and South Korea, where temperature checks and questionnaires are required from employees before entry. 

Monitoring entry points include the following measures: 

  • Non-invasive temperature checks to measure fever
  • Observe for physical symptoms, such as coughing and wheezing
  • Ensure all employees answer questions to help identify a high risk situation
  • Keep a “number count” of people in the premises

If the ownership had hired a private security firm, these outbreaks could have been prevented.

Hire a Third Party to Avoid Ethical Dilemmas

If you are considering training your own personnel to monitor entry points, we strongly recommend you think twice. For the staff that monitor checkpoints who have to report on fellow colleagues’ health, this can pose serious ethical dilemmas. No one wants to betray a colleague, and especially not when it means that their livelihood might be compromised. Not only does this put the enforcement staff in a sticky situation, but it threatens the efficacy of the entire process. 

To avoid this, hire a third party to provide the objective pair of eyes you need at this critical time. We understand the delicacy of the situation. Our goal is to work as a support system for management and all parties involved to ensure a safe, supportive working environment. 

The Time to Prepare is Now

If you’re a business owner, it’s time to start preparations for reopening. Hiring a private security firm is a proactive, forward-thinking measure to protect the safety of your staff. Direct action like this will prepare and protect you against potential WorkSafe claims. Blackbird Security has the appropriate insurance to insulate you against lawsuits or liabilities. 

Our trained guards can monitor entry points for employees entering the premises. Blackbird will ensure that no employees come to work who are sick. Several national grocery warehouses and packaging plants across Western Canada have already taken advantage of our services in this area. Our other clients include offices, warehouses and industrial worksites.

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