Why Security Matters at Your Summer Event

As summer approaches we’ve been talking about events for the month of March. You might have heard that event security is an important part of any well-executed event, but have you ever wondered why? While it’s a clear need to some event planners, you’d be surprised how many people don’t think that event security is a real need for whatever event, conference or concert they’re planning. Here are a few of our top reasons to consider security for your upcoming event:

VIP Protection

When it comes to large-scale events in Vancouver, it’s not unusual to have high-profile speakers, political figures or even celebrities on the list of attendees. It’s important to protect these individuals, but also to protect the rest of your attendees, as these individuals can often attract unwanted attention. Having security guards on hand means that uninvited attention is kept out, and protection and management is immediate should any issues arise.

Crowd Control

This is probably the most obvious reason to have security at your event. Be it a concert, market, conference or festival, summer events almost always draw out a crowd. And where there’s a crowd, there’s potential for chaos. People in crowds have a tendency to follow one another’s behaviour, especially if tension breaks out. This often means that if one person makes a decision to follow the wrong line, ignore a sign or head through the wrong entrance or exit, then others will follow. Things can escalate quickly, alcohol is often involved and crowd control becomes incredibly important. Hope for the best, but always be prepared for the worst. If anything goes wrong within a large crowd, you’re going to want security guards on hand to manage and take control to de-escalate a situation, and make sure your attendees are having fun without feeling in danger.

Crasher Prevention

Ticketed events often come along with a few non-ticket holders. People love to crash events. Whether it’s a few kids trying to gain entry to a 19+ concert or an angry fan who couldn’t get a pass for the music festival that sold out, you may have a few people trying to sneak into your event. If you have any celebrity or high profile guests, you’ll likely also have media, press or paparazzi trying to gain access. These situations can be very tricky to manage, especially for staff who already have their hands completely full. Security guards are fully trained in managing these situations in the best way possible. They’ll be able to diffuse the situation, ensure that no one gains access who shouldn’t, while also prioritizing a positive and professional look for your event in order to avoid negative press or unwanted attention.

How are thing coming along for your upcoming summer event? Don’t forget about the importance of crowd management, emergency planning and security! Let us know what kind of event you’re planning and we’ll let you know exactly how we can help.

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