Why Ontario Businesses are Hiring Concierge Security (and Maybe You Should Too)

Concierge Security is one of the fastest-growing security services across Canadian provinces, and Ontario is no exception. 

Large and small businesses are gravitating toward using concierge services with Blackbird to support their administrative and security needs, rather than hiring multiple parties. And if you’re a business owner, it’s high time you also considered the added benefits.

What is Concierge Security?

While Security Guards and Concierge Security are both professionally trained, there are key differences in how they can support your business.

A Security Guard is hired to serve retail, residential or commercial spaces, and their primary purpose is to protect your property from potential crimes

The duties of a Security Guard with Blackbird can include the following:

  • Patrolling an area or property they are stationed at
  • Protecting business merchandise or assets
  • Providing emergency response
  • Reporting suspicious activities
  • Following security procedures
  • Acting as crowd control
  • Monitoring CCTV

Alternatively, a Concierge Security guard is trained to provide the same services as a security guard mentioned above, but with the added value of professional hospitality support. 

Much like a reception team, they are stationed at the entrance of your businesses to support you with everyday front-end tasks, such as:

  • Customer service for building occupants
  • Receiving calls & collecting deliveries
  • Greeting, checking in & directing guests or visitors
  • Managing the logbook & issuing badges
  • Reporting incidents 
  • Upholding building rules & regulations
  • Property surveillance for theft, accidents, fire & other threats
  • Front-line response including first aid & alarms 

Why Are Ontario Businesses Choosing Concierge Security? 

Concierge Security services are becoming increasingly popular among Ontario business owners because of their multi-disciplinary training.

Instead of hiring on-site security and a reception team, businesses can hire Blackbird Concierge Security members to cover both ends of their business. This reduces the number of personnel required to operate and support their business needs.

Concierge Security members are extensively trained in providing exceptional customer service while managing multiple tasks, overseeing large areas or buildings, familiarizing themselves with those coming and going from the property, and forming effective workflows for their day. 

Simultaneously, they’re controlling access to the building and ensuring the safety and security of the property and guests, making them a reliable choice for many business owners.

Furthermore, Blackbird Concierge team members are trained to provide first aid assistance, uphold the policies of each business they support, and act as fire marshals in the event of an evacuation or emergency, so businesses are covered in any scenario.

Who Uses Concierge Security?

While becoming increasingly popular among Canadian businesses, Concierge Security services aren’t exclusive to a business setting. In fact, the specialized services of a concierge are suitable for almost any type of space.

Ontarians are hiring Blackbird Concierge services for private condominiums and apartments, medical complexes, Government buildings, mixed-use facilities and co-working/flex spaces, construction sites, sports fields, and tourist attractions, to name a few.

Your Business Deserves Concierge Security

Join the likes of Ontario businesses who are opting for Concierge Security services to support their business needs.

With Blackbird, our team of experts are trained to provide warm, friendly customer service to those coming and going from your property, coupled with professional security to give you peace of mind.

Contact us to learn more about adding Concierge Security to your business.

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