When do you Need a Private Investigator?

What comes to mind when you hear the words private investigator? It’s not what you see in the movies - there are no detective hats or magnifying glasses. Real private investigators are highly trained detectives who pick up cases that other investigators can't always crack. Discreet and professional, PI’s serve a wide range of clients. Rather than murder-mysteries like on TV, these PI’s help small businesses, corporations, law firms and insurance companies for dozens of every-day investigations.

Why Consider a Private Investigator?

Our modern world is full of dangers that aren’t apparent, and sometimes that requires an extra investigation to get to the bottom of. Guaranteeing safety means digging a little deeper to uncover these hidden threats. That’s why we receive PI requests from people looking into fake credentials, problem tenants, identity theft, missing persons, and more. These are just a few examples of cases where a PI investigation may be the best option for you:

Infidelity and Family Investigations

If you’re concerned your spouse is cheating, or notice they’re exhibiting suspicious behaviour, hiring a private investigator can help discover the source. PI’s are experienced in both discreetly investigating your spouse by identifying their routine and following discreet lines of enquiry to build a case. If your spouse is either cheating or has become involved in illicit activities, PI’s know how to find out for sure. They’re also useful for other marital and family issues, including divorce proceedings or child custody cases.

Corporate Private Investigations

If your business is looking to access the true background of a prospective or current employee, or likewise another company you may be doing business with, a PI team can assist with tracing what they may be trying to cover up. This can mean everything from investigating fake credentials, to speaking with previous business partners, to filming covert video in order to assert performance standards. The benefit of hiring a PI in these cases is that they can equip you with more information with which your company can make the best possible decisions.

Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Often, people will try to take advantage of their insurance policies. If you’re an insurance provider and suspect that you’ve received a fraudulent claim, hiring a PI can make all the difference in getting to the bottom of how accurate a claim is. PI’s use innovative and discreet tactics to uncover this information, including providing you with photographic or video evidence to support findings, as well as following subtle lines of enquiry to uncover motive.


Each Investigation is Different

There are countless other cases that can benefit from hiring a PI. If you’re looking to solve a puzzling situation, uncover more information, or vet a candidate, a skilled detective can hugely benefit your situation. If you have any questions or require assistance in determining whether a private investigator can benefit you, contact us today!

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