What to Look for in an Ontario Security Guard Company

If you’re a business owner or property manager based in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario, investing in security services is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Not only will it help protect your investment, it also shows clients, customers and staff alike that you’re prioritizing their safety.

Blackbird Security offers our full range of professional security services to clients across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario in general. Whether you’re based in Downtown Toronto, Richmond Hill, Mississauga or Hamilton, our flexible and highly trained security guards are standing by to help. 

We understand that choosing an Ontario security company can be tough. After all, there’s so much competition that it’s hard to know where to start. At Blackbird, we’re proud of our position as Canada’s number one security company. We believe several key traits unique to our security guards make us the perfect choice to service clients of any size, in any industry. 

Whether you’re currently working with a security provider, or you're thinking of investing in security for the first time, here are some of the unique benefits you’ll enjoy from partnering with Blackbird Security for Toronto and Ontario security services.

Industry Leading Training

Our industry leading Blackbird Academy is Canada’s number one security training school. Before commencing their training, each student must first obtain a security guard license. From there, we provide them with all the training they need to excel in a rapidly changing workplace. Delivered via our in-house security experts and outside consultants, our program encompasses areas as diverse as St. John’s Mental Health Training, Indigenous Awareness Training, Conflict Resolution and Customer Service. If your current security provider doesn’t offer this level of training, Canada’s number one security company is standing by to help.

Hands-On Leadership

Blackbird Security’s management possesses years of security experience in countries around the world. Whatever the security scenario is, they’ve seen it before, and know how to respond quickly and efficiently. Culture is a priority at Blackbird Security, and our goal is for our security guards to become valued members of the communities we serve. We understand the importance of local knowledge in delivering world class security services, and our Ontario security staff are all locally based. If any of our clients have issues or feedback to report, we are always available to listen and learn. No matter how big we grow, retaining this hands-on, small business-oriented mindset is one of our top priorities.

National Reputation

Blackbird Security is the security provider of choice for many of Canada’s largest retailers. While we’re happy to work with clients of all sizes, we’ve gained a trusted reputation for protecting names like Best Buy, MEC, and many more. From Vancouver Island to Toronto, our reputation for service is exemplary. We encourage all prospective clients to check out some of the testimonials you’ll find on our homepage. This is why we are also considered Toronto’s best security company. 

Flexible Service Offering

The security world is changing, and we believe security companies must adapt to these changing times. For years, our industry has relied upon ‘off-the-shelf’ security solutions that work for them, but not necessarily for their clients. Our clients know to expect more. Blackbird Security is committed to providing custom security services for each of our clients. Following our initial consultation, we’ll put together a unique security mix that maximizes your coverage while remaining respectful of your budget.

Blackbird Security – Your Ontario Security Company 

If you’re looking to invest in a Toronto or Greater Toronto Area Security Guard company in 2022, Blackbird Security is here to help you in Ontario. We service clients in the following cities:

  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Hamilton
  • Oakville
  • Brantford
  • Scarborough
  • Toronto
  • Brampton
  • Etobicoke
  • Mississauga
  • Markham
  • Ajax
  • Vaughn
  • Richmond Hill
  • Oshawa
  • Hamilton
  • Kitchener
  • Waterloo
Request a free quote and find out how our Toronto and Ontario security services can help keep your business safe. Contact us to get started.

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