What Makes Blackbird Security The Best Condo Security Company In Canada?

As residential crimes rise across Canada, Blackbird Security has seen a rising need for more condominium security. The Vancouver Police Department, who recently released their 2023 year-end Crime Incident Statistics, revealed that while business break-and-enters were down 7.2% compared to 2022, residential B&Es were up 1.9%. It’s now more important than ever to ensure the safety of your condominium residents and the security of your property with condominium security.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the services Blackbird Security provides for condominiums and how our approach to security makes us the best providers of condominium security in Canada. 

Why Is Condominium Security Important?

Tragically, fatal crimes committed in condominiums occur across Canada. In 2023, an assault in an apartment building parkade led to the death of a man in West Vancouver. In 2022, a fatal shooting occurred within a condominium in Vaughn, Ontario, tragically resulting in the loss of 5 lives. 

These incidents are sparking conversations around the implementation of condominium security measures and highlight the importance of robust condominium security strategies. It’s vital that condominiums provide security solutions through access point security to on-site security guards capable of mitigating life-threatening situations and providing security support for residents. 

With a robust condominium security strategy, incidents like these can be mitigated. When residents experience feelings of unsafety, they can call on the building’s security guard to help assist with the situation. Condo security guards offer invaluable peace of mind for residents through the knowledge that they’re protected.

Criminals are most likely to break into condos that are not visibly protected. The presence of a uniformed security guard or a front desk security guard communicates that a condominium is protected, serving as a strong deterrent against those who may commit crimes on unattended properties.

Blackbird Security provides the best condominium condo security mobile patrol security in Canada Vancouver Regina Toronto

How Blackbird Security Keeps Condos Safe

Blackbird Security specializes in condominium security. Our condo security guards take every step to keep properties secure and residents safe. Here are some of the standard duties performed by condominium security guards:

  • Customer Service 
  • Access Control
  • Property Monitoring
  • Grounds Patrolling
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Key & Parcel Management 
  • Emergency and Delivery Access
  • Fire Alarm Response & Alarm Response 
  • Emergency Response
  • Strata Bylaw Enforcement
  • Report Writing
  • Incident De-escalation 
  • First Aid Support 
  • Property Management Support 

At Blackbird Security, we understand that concierge and front desk security guards are more than just guards - they’re the first individuals a resident will interact with when entering their home. In the next section, we’ll detail why Blackbird’s concierge security guards remain above the competition in the condominium security field.

Blackbird Security’s Premiere Front Desk/Concierge Security Guards

Front desk or concierge security guards serve as the face of a residence while they’re on duty. They should provide a professional presence and a customer service experience, offering a warm welcome to visitors and residents alike. 

What sets Blackbird Security apart from competitors is our customer service approach to security. Our guards undergo customer service training to equip them with the soft skills needed to facilitate positive interactions with residents and visitors. Our customer-centric approach makes our concierge guards people whom residents can be happy to see upon return to their homes. 

The presence of a security guard at the front desk both assists visitors and communicates to potential criminals that they are being monitored. In both cases, front desk security guards ensure that only permitted visitors can use the elevator and obtain access to residential floors. 

Front desk security guards can monitor CCTV video feeds, keeping an eye on the entire property and access points. Should they discover any issues, they will promptly investigate the source and take action as needed. 

Concierge security can additionally assist with package delivery for residents, providing an extra layer of convenience for residents and security for unattended packages. 

At Blackbird Security, we pride our guards on their readiness to respond swiftly to emerging security situations. Each of our guards undergoes extensive training to enable them to respond to threats. Read more about how Blackbird Security guards have saved lives on the job. 

Best-In-Class Mobile Patrol Security For Condominiums

Mobile patrol security guards conduct patrols between condominiums in a highly visible security vehicle equipped with flashing lights. For condos that don’t have a security guard present at night, this is a valuable solution to ensure the safety of residents and the security of property when a guard is not on site.

For those who manage many condominium properties, mobile security is an asset in protecting several properties at once. Mobile security guards can make rounds between sites and perform routine checks to ensure each property remains secure overnight. 

Mobile security patrols are a convenient solution for parking enforcement, ensuring residents have access to their assigned parking spots and that guest vehicles adhere to parking lot rules. 

In cases where an alarm is triggered, the 24/7 Control Centre staff at Blackbird will promptly deploy a nearby mobile security guard to assess the situation and take steps to mitigate any emerging threats. This allows for constant vigilance and coverage, even when an on-site security guard is not present.

Blackbird Security has robust mobile security fleets in Greater Vancouver, the Greater Toronto Area, Edmonton, and Regina. 

Blackbird Security provides the best condominium condo security mobile patrol security in Canada Vancouver Regina Toronto

Partner With Canada’s Leading Condominium Security Provider

Thanks to the robust training Blackbird Security guards undergo, as well as the care and thought each of our guards places in their role, Blackbird Security stands at the forefront of condominium security service throughout provinces like British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta. We take pride in providing the ultimate security experience for residents, property managers, and visitors alike.

In addition to condominium security, we provide services in the following areas:

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