What is Hotel Security?

Security plays a crucial role in the hospitality industry. Studies show that travellers from around the world are concerned with hotel security. According to surveys, 77% of travellers from the United States take safety precautions like keeping their door locked from the inside at all times, while 32% say they avoid staying on a hotel’s ground floor with 29% opting for a higher level when possible. 

Contemporary online sources like TikTok frequently show users taking additional hotel security precautions, such as using third-party locks and other gadgets on the interior of hotel doors to prevent intrusions. Hotel security is clearly top of mind for many travellers.

This indicates a growing need for hotel security across Canada and the world. While individual travellers need to remain vigilant and implement best safety practices when travelling, the onus ultimately falls on hotel management to provide adequate security for their guests. In this blog, we’ll outline the basics of hotel security, its importance, and the types of security guards most commonly found in hotels. 

What is Hotel Security?

Hotel security encompasses a range of measures and security guards in roles dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of guests, staff, and property within a hotel’s property bounds. From preventing theft and unauthorized access to responding to emergencies, hotel security plays an important role in maintaining a secure environment for everyone on the premises.

Why is Hotel Security Necessary?

Above all, a hotel security team provides safety and peace of mind for guests. Security guards reduce the risks of intrusion, unauthorized access, and vehicle and property damage. Reducing the risk of these security threats is greatly beneficial to guest satisfaction. 

It’s important for hotel staff to incorporate a dedicated on-site team of individuals who can respond to guest safety concerns promptly. Security personnel are the best people to undertake this task, as they receive extensive training which equips them to handle a variety of scenarios. 

At Blackbird Security, in addition to the standard security guard license that all security guards must receive to work in Canada, our security personnel undergo extensive additional training, including First Aid training, Conflict De-Escalation Training, and more. These additional courses equip them with the skills they need to handle a variety of security scenarios safely and provide value for our clients

In the next section, we’ll give an overview of the types of security guards we most commonly deploy to hotels. 

Concierge Security Guards Provide A Warm Welcome

Concierge security guards are stationed at hotel front desks. These guards provide a friendly welcome to every hotel guest checking in and can assist hotel concierge staff with administrative duties. Concierge security guards typically wear formal attire, such as a suit or the hotel’s uniform, to communicate professionalism.

Providing a watchful eye over the lobby and its visitors, concierge security guards ensure hotel rules are followed and can swiftly and discreetly address any concerns. In addition, concierge security guards are typically tasked with monitoring the hotel’s CCTV footage, providing a bird’s-eye view over all areas of the property.

Uniformed Security Guards Keep Hotel Access Points Secure 

Guest satisfaction is commonly increased when they can see that a hotel is visibly well-protected and monitored. That’s why uniformed security guards are an asset to hotel security teams. These guards wear distinct uniforms and are typically stationed in prominent areas such as hotel lobbies or outside of main entrances.

Uniformed security guards can assist with all security issues, including issues raised by guests. Having a dedicated and trained team of professionals on-site to assist with any security concerns provides a high degree of safety and comfort for guests. 

Mobile Patrol Security Guards Keep Hotel Properties Safe

Mobile patrol security involves a security guard patrolling the property in a marked security vehicle. These guards will perform checks to ensure the security of key areas around a hotel, such as parking areas, access points, gardens, pools, and more. Mobile patrols can be scheduled for any time of day or night, providing an added layer of protection outside of typical business hours when hotels may need more security in the absence of daytime staff.

A Customer Service-First Approach to Hotel Security

Customer service is essential in the hospitality sector. That’s why our security guards undergo customer service training to best equip them with the soft skills needed to provide top-level hotel security services. 

As security guards, whether stationed at the front desk or hotel entrances, can be among the first individuals a hotel guest will interact with on the premises, they need to provide a warm welcome to all who enter. At Blackbird Security, our security guards function cohesively as members of their teams, presenting our partners’ brands in the best light possible at all times.

Partner With Canada’s Number One Hotel Security Provider

It’s up to hotel management to ensure a safe environment for their guests. There’s no better way to ensure guest safety than with a dedicated team of security professionals. At Blackbird Security, we are intimately familiar with the challenges commonly faced by hotels across Canada. Our extensive experience allows us to provide the best in hotel security for our clients. 

Blackbird Security is proud to provide hotel security services to incredible leaders in the hotel industry including Best Western Hotels, Sandman Hotel Groups, Hampton by Hilton, Sheraton Marriot, and many more. See all of our hospitality partners here.

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