What are the Duties of a Warehouse Security Guard?

In the third quarter of 2023, cargo thefts rose by 59% in the US and Canada compared to the same period in 2022. Cargo theft typically occurs at ports and warehouses due to gaps in warehouse security strategies, including vulnerabilities like unattended access points and transport vehicles. It’s vital to ensure these gaps are covered through the implementation of warehouse security

Warehouse thefts can lead to supply chain breakdowns, making vigilant warehouse security protection vital. The best method of preventing warehouse crime is by deploying on-site security guards, who play a pivotal role in the protection of assets and property. In this blog post, we will explore the diverse duties of a warehouse security guard and the specialized roles typically seen within warehouse facilities. 

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General Warehouse Security Responsibilities

Though every warehouse faces a unique set of security challenges due to factors like location, number of access points, and facility size, each warehouse typically requires its on-site security personnel to perform the same set of fundamental duties. These include:

Access point surveillance: Warehouse security guards must closely monitor access points, ensuring that only authorized personnel enter the premises. This includes examining employee badges, checking identification, and verifying the legitimacy of incoming vehicles.

Monitoring CCTV cameras: The use of CCTV security camera systems is essential in warehouse security. Guards are responsible for vigilant monitoring of these cameras to detect and respond promptly to any suspicious activities.

Gate control: Precision in access control is vital for warehouse security. Security guards manage entry and exit points, ensuring that all movements in and out of the warehouse are authorized and logged.

Keyholding duties: Warehouse security guards may be entrusted with holding keys and access codes, adding an extra layer of control over secure areas within the facility.

Environmental analysis: Security guards conduct environmental analysis, closely assessing the warehouse surroundings for potential security vulnerabilities. This includes identifying blind spots in surveillance, vulnerable entry points, and areas prone to unauthorized access.

Detailed report writing: Accurate and detailed reporting is a vital aspect of a security guard's duties. Guards document any incidents, observations, or security breaches in a comprehensive report, which is essential for analysis and proactive improvement.

Emergency response: In emergencies, security guards serve as frontline responders. Whether the emergency is a fire, intrusion, triggered alarm, or another critical event, their role involves taking immediate action to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of staff and assets. Our 24/7 Control Centre team in combination with our mobile security fleet can be an invaluable solution to sudden emergencies outside of business hours. 

Security Guard Roles in Warehouse Security

Warehouses may employ a variety of security guards to perform different duties within the warehouse premises. 

Uniformed Warehouse Security Guards

Acting as a visual deterrent, uniformed security guards maintain a prominent presence, deterring potential intruders or criminals by their visibility. Their uniform signifies authority and professionalism, contributing to a secure atmosphere within the warehouse. 

Uniformed security guards typically patrol key locations, such as access points, loading docks, or high-traffic areas. Security guards can be stationed to monitor the loading and unloading of goods from transport vehicles, ensuring that products are supervised at all times and preventing potential opportunities for theft. 

Concierge/Front Desk Security

In warehouses with office spaces or reception areas, concierge or front desk security guards welcome and register visitors, manage incoming calls, and maintain a secure entry point. Blackbird Security guards are trained with a customer service-first approach, equipping them with the hospitality skills they need to balance security skills and customer service skills. 

In addition to welcoming and verifying guests' identities, concierge security guards are typically tasked with monitoring CCTV systems, ensuring that all areas of the warehouse facility are supervised at all times.

Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile patrol security guards actively patrol the warehouse premises in highly visible security vehicles. Mobile patrol units can be deployed 24/7, or during key periods, and are especially helpful outside of business hours when warehouses are unstaffed. Mobile security patrols occur on a randomized schedule, preventing criminals from gauging an appropriate time to commit a theft. 

Mobile patrol guards will monitor the premises for suspicious activity, conduct regular access point checks, respond swiftly to any security incidents, and write written reports of findings. Due to their ability to cover large areas in a short amount of time, mobile security guards can monitor the entire warehouse premises in a relatively short amount of time. This provides a cost-effective security solution for warehouse owners seeking to augment overnight security measures.

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Blackbird Security provides warehouse security services across Canada

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Maintaining a proactive approach to warehouse security is vital in preventing cargo thefts. The unfortunate reality of prevalent warehouse thefts highlights the importance of deploying capable on-site security guards to protect warehouses. Through the strategic deployment of security staff, warehouses can keep thefts at bay and protect their valuable inventory.

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