Warehouse Security: How To Prevent Common Types Of Thefts

Warehouses and distribution centres are often the target of thefts, disrupting supply chains and leading to major losses for companies. Statistics indicate a rise in warehouse theft throughout North America. CargoNet reports that in 2022, the US and Canada saw an increase of 15% in warehouse thefts for a total of 1,778 incidents. Strategically implementing warehouse security solutions should be top of mind for any warehouse owner. Join us as we break down common types of warehouse thefts and security solutions to prevent them. 

Types of Warehouse Theft

The first step of any security strategy involves identifying potential threats. In order to maximize your warehouse’s security, it’s important to be aware of common challenges. Some of the most common types of thefts are:

Organized crime: A fast-growing problem across all levels of the retail supply chain, organized crime involves groups of criminals performing highly coordinated thefts with the aim of selling the stolen goods. Warehouses are prime targets for organized crime due to the volume of valuable goods stored on-premises.

Visitor theft: Typically crimes of opportunity, visitor thefts may be committed by anyone visiting a warehouse including cargo drivers.

Employee theft: Employee theft is the most common form of theft that affects warehouses. Thefts committed by employees are most likely to occur in working environments that see a high employee turnover rate. 

Overnight theft: Warehouses can often be a target for overnight thefts outside of business hours. Potential thieves may capitalize on the absence of staff in order to commit crimes under the cover of darkness. 

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Security Solutions That Bolster Warehouse Security

By understanding common problems that affect warehouse security, warehouse owners can strategically implement the best security solutions for their property and business. Here are our recommendations:

Alarm Systems Keep Warehouse Buildings Secure

Alarm systems are a crucial part of any warehouse’s security toolkit. Emergency exits should be fitted with alarms, ensuring that they are only used in emergencies only. High-security areas should also be alarmed, and ideally protected with access control measures such as key cards.

CCTV Cameras Monitor All Areas Of Warehouse Property

Another important unmanned security tool, CCTV cameras are vital to warehouse security as footage provides evidence to law enforcement in the event of a warehouse security incident. However, CCTV cameras serve more than just a reactive purpose. The presence of security cameras can deter potential criminals, and active CTV monitoring allows a warehouse’s security team to keep a close eye on all activity from a distance. 

Front Desk Security Guards Monitor Visitors

It’s important for every warehouse to keep close track of visitors in the building, and having a security guard stationed at the front desk is an effective way to monitor who enters the warehouse throughout the day. Front desk security guards can monitor CCTV footage, keeping a birds-eye view of all activities on the premises. 

As with all security guard staff, front desk security guards function as valuable members of the warehouse team. They warmly welcome visitors and can assist with any questions they may have. In addition to monitoring visitors and CCTV footage, front desk security guards can also assist with administrative duties.

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Front Gate Security Guards Monitor Warehouse Visitors in Vehicles

Similar to security guards stationed at the front desk, security guards stationed within gatehouses provide a layer of security for warehouses that see vehicles frequently entering the property. Front gate security guards check the identification of any drivers and vehicles entering the facility, keeping a record of visitors. Front Gate truck checks are another important service that Front Gate Security guards carry out, as they can confirm valuable cargo is delivered and check for any unwanted cargo entering the site. This level of security presence at a warehouse’s gatehouse provides a visual deterrent to potential criminals, signalling that a warehouse is protected.

Uniformed Security Guards Provide On-site Warehouse Security Protection

Uniformed security guards play a pivotal role in warehouse security. The presence of on-site security guards provides a strong element of deterrence to potential criminals and can eliminate the potential for crimes of opportunity. Uniformed security guards will perform regular checks throughout the day on key areas, as well as ensure that cargo handover is conducted securely. 

Uniformed security guards can support warehouse staff in a variety of ways including assisting visitors, facilitating safety protocols in the event of an emergency, or providing prompt first-aid assistance in the event of a workplace accident. 

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Mobile Patrol Security Keeps Warehouses Safe Overnight

Mobile patrol security is incredibly helpful in providing protection outside of business hours. Mobile patrols involve a security guard visiting a warehouse in a highly visible security vehicle. They will perform checks to ensure access points, perimeters, and other key areas are secure. Due to the usage of a security vehicle, mobile patrol guards can cover a wide area, making them ideal for warehouse properties, while also being more cost-effective.

At Blackbird Security, we provide premium peace of mind for our warehouse security clients. In the event of a triggered alarm overnight, a nearby mobile security guard will be deployed by our 24/7 Control Centre staff to assess the situation and take action as needed. Mobile security is the best way to ensure comprehensive security coverage outside of business hours, without the need to hire a static security guard overnight.

Employee Security Training Ensures A Safe Environment

Employees should regularly be refreshed on security best practices as the warehouse’s security strategy evolves. It is vital to ensure that every employee understands important protocols, such as directing visitors to the main entrance for check-in, reporting suspicious activity, and using key cards correctly, to maintain a strong internal security environment.

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Understanding common warehouse security issues is the first step in preventing warehouse thefts. By implementing our recommended warehouse security solutions, warehouse owners can proactively prevent the most common types of warehouse thefts and take action in the event of a security incident. 

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