VPD Recognizes LPO Arunjit Butalia For Outstanding Retail Security

As Vancouver’s best security company, Blackbird is proud to employ a diverse and talented team that provides a large variety of professional security services. When it comes to essential duties like Loss Prevention, Retail Security, and Retail Theft Prevention, our highly trained security guards are truly second-to-none. That’s why we were pleased to learn our very own Loss Prevention Officer (LPO), Arunjit Butalia, was personally recognized by the Vancouver Police Department for his outstanding contributions in retail security:  

...A quick [message] concerning Mr. Butalia’s fine work as an LPO at the Mountain Equipment Co-op store located [in] Vancouver. We had a shoplifter a week ago and found that Mr. Butalia was very cordial and professional in dealing with both us and that shoplifter. Mr. Butalia has been excellent in providing us the evidence we need to proceed. Thanks to Mr. Butalia and the hard work that he does night in and night out.

This letter from the VPD exemplifies the calibre of our team members and reinforces all the hard work they do. Let’s take a closer look at how security professionals like Arunjit excel at Blackbird Security:

Blackbird’s Team Takes Pride in Providing Great Security Service  

At Blackbird Security, we’ve always understood the value of celebrating our team’s achievements. Striving to hire hardworking, trustworthy people, then empowering them to perform their roles to the maximum of their ability, we make sure our staff are rewarded for their tireless efforts that keep communities and businesses safe. Suffice to say, Arunjit’s contributions are no exception! 

Blackbird Security's LPO Arunjit Butalia receives recognition for his hard work. 

Having worked with us for many years now, LPO Arunjit Butalia has been continuously recognized for his diligence and dedication in providing incredible security service no matter where he’s been stationed – that’s why Arunjit has won our Employee of the Month award many times over. This letter of appreciation sent by the Vancouver Police Department further demonstrate his exceptional character as a hardworking, reliable security professional. 

Law Enforcement & Blackbird Security: Beneficial Partnerships in Retail Security 

Successful crime prevention increasingly involves partnerships between municipal police forces and private security companies. As frontline responders to retail security threats, loss prevention officers like Arunjit act not just as strong safeguards against theft, but as helpful liaisons for police, RCMP, task forces and crime squads. 

An integral part of our Blackbird Academy, our security professionals are trained in detailed report writing, and how to effectively provide their findings to clients and police, ensuring all incidents are logged without delay. Over time, this quick work prevents repeat thefts from occurring, as all vested parties are made aware of the situation and know exactly what – and who – to look for. 

Finally, if you’re interested in joining law enforcement or corrections, Blackbird Security is the perfect career springboard to take you there. Although we have many on our team who find it equally rewarding to stick to the private security sector, many of our security professionals have gone on to work in these fields throughout the years.                                                   

Work with the Retail Security and Loss Prevention Experts at Blackbird 

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