Veteran Experience Serving Our Clients on Vancouver Island

There’s plenty to be thankful for this Holiday season, and we wanted to give the spotlight to one of our dedicated security team members who delivers incredible services to our clients on Vancouver Island.

Sean Smith joined Blackbird Security in August of 2020. He served with distinction in the Canadian Armed Forces for 15 years, with experiences as varied as an Armoured Crewman with both the UN and NATO overseas, as well as managing the internet and intranet security presence for the Canadian Army in Western Canada.

Following his honourable discharge, Sean took his expertise to the private sector, founding his own IT business, working as a Social Media Consultant, and accruing 12 years of experience in the Gaming Security and Surveillance industry. To this day, Sean continues to serve our country as an Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force Reserves, and as a Training Officer for an Air Cadet Squadron in Campbell River.

Recently, we had the privilege to promote Sean to District Supervisor for North Vancouver Island. Since joining Blackbird Security, Sean has proved time and again what an amazing addition he has been, helping to provide mall security at Driftwood Mall in Courtenay, alongside assistance with client visits and personnel management.

Sean’s unique experience and knowledge will help us to continue delivering our best-in-class service to our clients across the North Island. We’re lucky to have him on our team!

“What I love about Blackbird Security is that I am finally working with a company that feels like being back in the military,” Sean says.

“Structure, teamwork, communication, and a brotherhood you don’t often see in the civilian workplace.”

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