Veteran Experience Makes a Difference for Blackbird Security

Each year, on Remembrance Day, we pause to reflect on the men and women who served Canada and put their lives on the line for our freedom.

Canada’s military makes up a significant part of our society. Combined, the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces are the single largest public service employer, and Canada’s second largest employer overall.

But due to the unique challenges of their roles, many retire well below the statutory age of 60 (less than 1% of service members are aged 55 or above), meaning most will face the transition from military service into civilian working life.

We’re lucky to count several Canadian forces veterans among our Blackbird Security team. In this special Remembrance Day blog, we want to tell the story of a veteran delivering world class services to our clients on Vancouver Island, Sean Smith.

Making the Switch to Civilian Life

Sean Smith joined Blackbird Security in August of 2020. He served with distinction in the Canadian Armed Forces for 15 years, with experiences as varied as an Armoured Crewman with both the UN and NATO overseas, as well as managing the internet and intranet security presence for the Canadian Army in Western Canada.

Following his honourable discharge, Sean took his expertise to the private sector, founding his own IT business, working as a Social Media Consultant, and accruing 12 years of experience in the Gaming Security and Surveillance industry. To this day, Sean continues to serve our country as an Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force Reserves, and as a Training Officer for an Air Cadet Squadron in Campbell River.

“The single biggest issue for veterans transitioning into the civilian business world is the transition itself,” he said.

“It’s difficult going from a regimented life, where there is a defined structure and routine, to a world where there are a thousand and one variables that are often completely out of your control.

“The military culture is so very different from that of the civilian world. Even something a simple as ‘what am I going to wear to work today?’ can be a hurdle, when your choice before was green, blue or navy blue. Even today, some 19 years after I retired, I still iron sharp creases in my shirts and pants, polish my shoes and rarely move without a purpose. It can be intimidating for co-workers, especially the rather ‘direct’ approach that newly released veterans tend to take.”

Finding a Fit in the Security World

The world of private security has provided a meaningful home for many Canadian forces veterans. It’s a chance to be part of a team once more, all pulling together to achieve the same goals. On the business side, hiring a Canadian veteran is always a positive for your business. Our veterans are motivated by the same set of values we aspire to each day at Blackbird Security – Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Adaptability.

“What I love about Blackbird Security is that I am finally working with a company that feels like being back in the military,” Sean says.

“Structure, teamwork, communication, and a brotherhood you don’t often see in the civilian workplace.”

Work for Blackbird Security

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