Vancouver Concierge Services – Work with Blackbird Security

If you’re a building manager or property owner based in the Lower Mainland, have you invested in Vancouver concierge services?

A Vancouver concierge is one of the best security investments you can make, acting as the eyes and ears of your property, while you unlock more time to handle big picture projects. These flexible and dedicated front desk security staff act as the first point-of-contact for residents or guests, all while handling a range of other priorities designed to make your life, and the lives of those they protect, easier and safer.

During COVID-19, our Vancouver concierge team have also helped administer COVID-19 procedures such as social distancing, vaccine cards and other health and safety measures. If you’re in the market for a new Vancouver concierge security provider, here’s how Blackbird Security can help.

Vancouver Concierge – Why Blackbird Security is Your Top Choice

Vancouver concierge security sits on the frontline of a rapidly changing security world. These dedicated professionals are like the Swiss Army Knives of the security world, seamlessly flowing from one important task to the next, displaying a wide variety of important skills. The pandemic served only to speed up this change, adding an additional health and safety burden onto their roles.

At Blackbird Security, we’ve been adapting to these changes for several years. Each of our Vancouver concierge team receives our broad curriculum, industry leading training through our Blackbird Academy training school. Our goal is to instill the confidence needed in our Vancouver front desk security team to handle any scenario that presents itself. We achieve this through dedicated customer service training, occupational first aid training, conflict resolution training, incident de-escalation training and much more.

Vancouver Concierge Security – More than a Welcoming Presence

While the vast majority of interactions our Vancouver concierge team have with the public are customer service-based, their top priority is always ensuring the safety and security of the buildings they protect.

This is accomplished by maintaining access control to the building, acting as a frontline champion for your security policies, monitoring CCTV, doing security walk-throughs, and filing detailed reports.

In the case of an emergency, our team is trained to act as a fire marshal, guiding residents and visitors alike to safety in a calm and collected manner.

Thinking of Hiring Vancouver Concierge Security? Work with Blackbird Security

Concierge security has never played a more important role in commercial and residential properties. If you own a residential property (such as an apartment complex) or a commercial property (such as an office building or mall) and don’t have concierge security, it’s time to work with Blackbird Security.

If you have questions about whether hiring a concierge service is right for your property, contact us today. We are happy to answer any inquiries you may have. Our roster of Vancouver Concierge staff are ready to be at your service!

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