Toronto Front Desk Security – Partner with Blackbird

When you enter a Toronto condo building, office tower or public space, the first face you’ll encounter is likely a hard-working concierge security guard.

These highly-trained and adaptable Toronto concierge security guards perform so many functions. They are the gatekeepers of access control in and out of sensitive areas of the building, they screen visitors, answer phones, and even uphold the safety protocols of the building. In recent months, they’ve been called into action to assist with COVID-19 public health policy enforcement through temperature checks, wellness questionnaires and more.

If you’re a Toronto-based business owner or property manager, are you investing enough in your Toronto front desk security? Here are some of the core duties our team of Toronto Concierge security guards are trained to excel at.

Security Response

First and foremost, our Toronto security team perform the incredibly important task of keeping the property and those within it safe. They undertake regular security patrols, deterring crime and vandalism while also looking out for suspicious behaviour and trespassing. If your building has an underground parking lot, our Toronto concierge team will embark on randomized patrols and even assist in parking control if necessary.

Toronto Front Desk Security

While they’re at their front-of-house position, our concierge security guards are trained to monitor CCTV, monitor visitors, handle enquiries from the public, and act as a welcoming presence in your space. Alongside the security side of the job, our concierges are adept at package handling, phone monitoring and bylaw enforcement.

Frontline Emergency Response

Accidents happen. In a condo building or office tower, the highly trained team of Toronto concierge security guards at Blackbird offer a frontline rapid response. They are equipped with the skills to act as first responders thanks to their extensive training in occupational first aid. They can calmly initiate an emergency response, while liaising with the relevant emergency services. Depending on where the emergency occurs, our team can provide access to elevators, floors or individual units for a quicker response.

Toronto Concierge Security – It’s Worth the Investment

Now that you’ve learned more about the value of concierge security, you understand cutting corners on this type of security can lead to security gaps and shortcomings in service. This would reflect poorly on a condo building or office tower. Toronto front desk security is not an area to go with the lowest value contract, or minimal staffing requirement. It’s crucial to take a balanced approach, ensuring your concierge team members have the bandwidth to adequately deal with any situation that may arise.

Customized Toronto Concierge Options

No two buildings are the same. That’s why your Toronto concierge security provider should be able to provide a customized security solution to fit your unique circumstances and budget. If you’re interested in hearing how our concierge services can help protect your building, contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

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