Toronto Concierge Security – A Rapidly Growing Service

Blackbird Security is thrilled with the reception our industry leading security services have received in Toronto. In particular, our Toronto concierge security service has proven massively popular with property managers and residents alike.

The truth is, 24-hour concierge security has become a key selling point in the competitive Toronto condo market. If your building isn’t offering the services of a well-trained security guard at all times, you risk missing out on sales to a building that does offer this perk.

At Blackbird Security, we pride ourselves on training Canada’s number one concierge security guards. Not only are they trained to provide stellar frontline security support, our Toronto front desk team receives additional customer service training. Whether they’re preventing crime, or handling packages for residents – it’s all in a day’s work for these highly skilled concierge staff.

Interested in partnering with Blackbird Security for your Toronto front desk security needs? Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Reduction in Crime

2020 brought an increase in property crime in Toronto. The primary focus of our Toronto concierge security guards isn’t to deal with trouble. It’s to proactively avoid crime from occurring. You don’t need to be a security expert to know that criminals tend to go after soft targets. An unsecured apartment building represents a soft target. In contrast, the presence of a Blackbird Security Concierge highlights how well protected your building is. Discouraging criminals while making residents feel safer.

Quick Reaction to Incidents

Police forces in Southern Ontario are stretched to their limits. As a result, their reaction to incidents can be delayed. A concierge security guard will provide instant incidence response, helping residents deal with emergencies in a calm and compassionate manner. Should someone suffer an injury in the building, our concierge staff are trained to act as first responders thanks to their Occupational First Aid certification.

Eye Witnesses

Should a crime occur, a concierge security guard is close by and can write detailed reports on what they witnessed. This can be something as insignificant as reporting residents that don’t pick up after their dog, or knowing who recently left the building should an incident get reported. Blackbird’s concierge team are trained to know when backup is needed, and when to step in to situations themselves.

Strong Selling Point

As we mentioned earlier, buyers are now actively researching whether a building has a concierge before deciding to purchase. Resident homeowners appreciate the safety and convenience of a concierge at the front desk. And, in the competitive Toronto condo market, each selling point is magnified so much more. The presence of a concierge also reassures car owners who want to know their vehicles will be protected from crime.

Preventing Vandalism

Vandalism is a huge issue in Toronto, with most of the crimes happening late at night when nobody is around. While it may seem like a petty crime, the cost of vandalism can quickly add up for building managers, presenting a long-term cost that can be easily avoided. Cut down on your cleaning bills and improve the look of your building by hiring a Blackbird Security Toronto Concierge.

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