Top Trends in Mobile Patrol Security for 2024

In recent years, mobile patrol security has risen in popularity amongst business and property owners. As a flexible and cost-effective security service, mobile security provides an accessible security option for businesses that may not be able to afford an on-site security guard at all times. 2024 promises to bring new developments and progress within the field of mobile security and in this blog, we’ll explore the top trends we’re seeing as we head into the new year.

Blackbird Security offers mobile patrol security services across Canada.

Enhanced Security Reporting Technology

AI reached new heights and firmly cemented itself into the public consciousness in 2023. Industries everywhere are ideating and innovating with AI, and the security sector is no different. 

TrackTik, our reporting software of choice at Blackbird Security, is consistently innovating in the security space. This year, they’ve begun to invest in AI and machine learning technologies to better support the businesses they help protect. TrackTik’s AI developments seek to help mobile security guards by using data to predict when and where security incidents are most likely to occur. With AI technology, security businesses will be able to deploy mobile security patrols with a greater degree of precision and strategy. 

GPS Tracking

As reporting capabilities develop, more security companies are utilizing GPS tracking technology to assist with mobile security patrols. At Blackbird Security, our 24/7 control center maximizes this technology to monitor active mobile patrol routes. This data-driven approach ensures that our team has a comprehensive overview of security efforts and allows us to provide reinforcement where it’s needed most. 

Blackbird Security offers mobile patrol security services across Canada.

Wearable Technology

More security companies are opting to provide wearable security cameras for their guards. Body cameras can provide security personnel with essential data and evidence that can be used to make incident reporting easier, and can be essential in providing evidence to law enforcement officers. This is especially helpful for mobile security guards, who may experience security incidents in areas of property not covered by CCTV cameras. Along with mobile patrol security, wearable technology is used with our tactical security and uniformed security guards.

Proactive Approaches to Security

A key aspect of security in general is the proactive management and reduction of risks. It’s vital to preemptively reduce security risks, rather than addressing them after they happen. Businesses are frequently choosing to make security a priority while taking strategic preventative steps. Frequently, one of these steps is the incorporation of mobile patrol security into security strategies. 

The flexibility of mobile security patrols allows for a unique degree of customization to meet the individual requirements of every business or property. Mobile security patrols can be scheduled as frequently or infrequently as desired, depending on individual needs. This flexibility ensures that a business’s security strategies are tailored to address specific risks and vulnerabilities.

Blackbird Security offers mobile patrol security services across Canada.

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Mobile patrol security is a fast-growing service that continues to evolve. Blackbird Security is proud to be on the cutting edge of all areas of security, ensuring our guards have access to the latest tools and technology to better support our clients’ security needs. 

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