Tips for Securing Publicly Accessible Properties

Effectively securing a property that is accessible to the public, such as a plaza, mall, open office building or parking lot can be a definite challenge. There is a lot to stay mindful of, and these properties can often become a popular spot for vandalism, loitering or theft. Vancouver and many other urban locations throughout BC are full of locations like this. So how can you protect such an area and ensure that future risk is averted? Here are some reminders when it comes to securing a publicly accessible location:


The first step in securing a space such as a plaza, mall, parking lot, office building or other publicly accessible area is to undertake an assessment. A thorough, in-depth analysis should be undertaken in order to identify weak points, points of entry and exit, hidden or disclosed areas and any other potential security threats. Potential threats are always specific to each location or business, so all structural and environmental factors must be considered. If you’re working with multiple businesses on a property like a mall or plaza, ask management staff from each business what they have observed and experienced, they may be aware of security issues that you haven’t considered!

Develop a Presence

One of the best ways to deter theft, vandalism, loitering and other unwanted attention or activity on-site is to establish a presence. When it comes to security practices, establishing a strong and visible presence is a very effective way to stop individuals from even attempting to access a site. Demonstrating authority is an important step in the security process. Not only does it show that you are actively monitoring and managing your site, but it also implies that there will be immediate consequence for any breach of security.

Take Action

Once you’ve assessed the level of risk and potential threat to your site, decide what necessary action should be taken next. If you have not yet developed an authoritative presence, begin by deciding who will take on this responsibility. Depending on the nature of your business, there may be staff that can take on the role, but you may also need to consider external support. Full time security staff can be very effective, but employing the services of a patrol security team can be a cost-efficient and equally effective option. Patrol security is a valuable service that develops a strong and authoritative presence, while also employing the techniques required to respond to and manage any situation or crisis that may arise.

Managing a publicly accessible site such as a mall, plaza, open office building or parking lot can be challenging. Security in Vancouver is an ongoing problem, as it is in many areas, and instances of theft and vandalism continue with prominence. Preemptive and proactive measures must be taken in order to avoid a crisis or security breach. Don’t wait until an instance of theft or a major breach has occurred, undertake an assessment and determine how to best secure your location before a problem escalates. If you’re interested in a professional security audit or the use of a patrol security team contact us today!

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