This Fall, Think Campus Security for Your University

Across Canada, our COVID-19 vaccine roll-out continues. As we ponder a gradual return to normal in the coming months, universities nationwide will welcome back hundreds of thousands of students to resume full-time studies on educational campuses.

For almost two years, these facilities have remained empty or under-used, and the welcome return of students presents logistical problems for universities. Hopefully, the worst of the pandemic in Canada is now firmly behind us, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be jumping straight back into normal life. Instead, universities will need to carefully plan how to safely and securely accommodate students. Let Blackbird Security help with this challenge.

Campus Security – How Blackbird Security Can Help

Enhanced Safety Measures

At Blackbird Security, we’ve partnered with large national retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure strict adherence to public health and safety guidelines like social distancing, health screening, and mask compliance. With these policies likely to remain in place in many jurisdictions through the next few months, our team of Campus Security experts are ready and waiting to provide assistance.

Warm and Welcoming Presence

We understand inherently that the vast majority of the interactions our security guards have on campus will be with students, and not individuals engaging in criminal behaviour. That’s why we custom created a training plan specifically for campus security guards through our industry leading Blackbird Academy training school.

Our guards adopt a customer service-approach to their roles, with each undergoing training modules such as Occupational First Aid (OFA), conflict resolution training, trauma informed training, cultural sensitivity training and dedicated customer service training. Not only will our guards provide world class campus security services, they’re also a welcoming and friendly presence on your campus.

Wide Range of Campus Security Services

Each educational campus presents unique challenges and security risks. When we meet with new campus security clients for our initial consultation, we do our research on the local area, crime statistics, and common scenarios that occur on campus. From there, we devise a customized security plan that works to maximize your coverage, respects your budget, and works within your existing security policies.

Our most popular campus security services include:

  • Mobile Security Patrol: One of our most popular services, mobile patrol guards embark on patrols of pre-arranged routes on randomized schedules. This provides a powerful visual deterrent to crime, while also covering large sites efficiently.
  • Uniformed Security Guard: Our traditional uniformed security guards are available on long or short-term contracts on terms that work for your campus. They’re equally at home providing access control, foot patrols, or whatever security support you need.
  • Concierge Security: Our front of house security guards are as flexible as they are dependable. They’re equally at home welcoming visitors and students as they are monitoring CCTV and enforcing your campus policies. Think of them as the eyes and ears at your front desk.

Partner with Blackbird Security for Campus Security

Your educational campus is unique, and your campus security provider should be able to provide a customized security plan to fit your unique circumstances and budget. If they can’t, it’s time to partner with Canada’s fastest growing security company. If you’re interested in working with Blackbird Security, contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

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