The Essential Work of Security Guards During COVID-19

In this week’s blog, we want to take a moment to celebrate the work of essential workers, including the hard work undertaken by security guards. As COVID-19 has flipped life upside down for individuals and businesses, security guards have been playing a vital role in protecting customers and businesses. We were disheartened to read the news coverage of an incident in Sherbrooke, Quebec, two weeks ago when a retail security guard was intentionally hit by a car. The driver of the car was a customer who was frustrated by the security guard’s instructions to adhere to social distancing measures while shopping. This is just one example of aggressions security guards face while working hard to protect customers and businesses—global pandemic or not. 

A Salute to Essential Workers

For those of us who are essential workers, responding to the effects of COVID-19 has intensified the experience and importance of our work. With this in mind, we salute the front-line healthcare workers as well as essential businesses operating under these unprecedented circumstances. We are observing resilience and perseverance from these workers at an extraordinary level. We admire it and we model it in our own capacity as security guards. While most of the economy has grinded to a halt, we will continue to show up to ensure basic needs are still being met.

We Show Up

Across three provinces, the Blackbird team of security guards continues to show up for our clientele, even in these trying circumstances. We continue to provide retail store security for grocery stores and pharmacies. We are expanding our concierge services to ensure the protection of residential buildings. While everyone else is asleep, we continue patrol security operations, including mobile site patrols. Our clients trust our security guards to deliver expert service, because we take the quality of our work seriously. It is an honour to provide this essential service to our clients. 

We couldn’t be more proud of our team of just under a thousand security guards across BC, Alberta and Manitoba. Global pandemic or not, we show up.

Work For Us

Quality, trusted security service is more essential now than ever. Do you want to work for one of the best security guard companies in Western Canada? We are hiring security guards to help meet the increased demand for security services. Specifically, we are looking for additions to our security teams in the Okanagan region and Vancouver Island. Learn more about how you can join our team here, and apply directly here

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