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In the face of supply chain challenges and the rising cost of materials, we at Blackbird Security deeply understand the need for businesses to keep inventory safe and secure at all times. We pride ourselves on providing industry-leading warehouse security services for partners including Maersk, Sobeys, BOSA Commercial, and Speedy Transport.

If your warehouse or distribution centre is looking for a comprehensive warehouse security solution, read on. In this blog, we’ll detail our warehouse security processes and what sets us at Blackbird Security apart from the competition in the industry. 

Blackbird Security provides warehouse security solutions for warehouses and distribution centres.

Warehouses Are A Target For Crime

Warehouse crime has risen in recent years. 2022 saw a 15% increase in warehouse and cargo crimes throughout the US and Canada, totalling 1,778 recorded incidents. 

In April of 2023, $20 million of high-value goods were stolen from an Air Canada storage facility at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. The lawsuit between Brinks Bank and Air Canada alleges, “an unidentified individual gained access to AC's cargo storage facilities. No security protocols or features were in place to monitor, restrict or otherwise regulate the unidentified individual's access to the facilities." This startling heist serves to underscore the importance of comprehensive warehouse security measures.

In 2024, it’s now more important than ever to invest in high-quality, comprehensive security services for your warehouse or distribution centre. 

Warehouse Security Guard Responsibilities

At Blackbird Security, our guards seamlessly integrate with existing warehouse teams to provide cohesive support and coverage where it’s needed most. Here’s an overview of the typical responsibilities of a warehouse security guard:

Keyholding duties: Warehouse security guards often take on keyholding responsibilities. This involves securely holding and managing keys to various access points within the facility. Effective keyholding ensures controlled access, allowing authorized personnel to enter and exit while preventing unauthorized individuals from compromising a warehouse’s security.

Gatehouse/Access Control: Security guards will manage the entry and exit points, verifying the credentials of individuals and vehicles entering the premises. By enforcing stringent access control measures, security guards contribute to the prevention of unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

CCTV Monitoring: Security guards actively monitor live feeds to identify potential security threats, suspicious activities, or breaches. CCTV monitoring enhances overall awareness, enabling guards to respond promptly to emerging issues.

Foot Patrols: Warehouse security guards conduct regular foot patrols to cover the entire warehouse facility comprehensively. These patrols are crucial for identifying security issues, deterring criminal activity, and maintaining a visible security presence. Foot patrols actively prevent theft, vandalism, and other security risks.

Environmental Analysis: An essential aspect of warehouse security is environmental analysis, where guards assess the surroundings for potential security risks. This involves identifying blind spots, areas susceptible to break-ins, and potential safety hazards. A thorough environmental analysis allows security guards to implement proactive preventative measures.

Real-Time Tracking: Blackbird Security guards utilize Tracktik, an industry-leading security software that allows guards to submit reports as well as photos and videos. Through the use of GPS tracking, Tracktik delivers real-time updates on the locations of guards, allowing full visibility throughout their shift. 

Report Writing: Warehouse security guards will accurately document incident details, observations, and any security-related activities during their shifts. These reports serve as valuable records for assessing security trends, providing evidence in investigations, and ensuring effective communication between security personnel and management.

Blackbird Security provides warehouse security solutions for warehouses and distribution centres.

Mobile Patrols: The Most Customizable Security Solution

It’s vital to ensure your warehouse is protected during both on and off hours. Mobile security patrols provide warehouses and distribution centres with the advantage of round-the-clock surveillance, without the need for the presence of a security guard throughout the night. 

During mobile patrols, a security guard will conduct randomly scheduled patrols using a highly visible security vehicle, allowing for complete coverage of warehouse sites. At Blackbird Security, our teams conduct patrols along pre-determined routes on a randomized schedule, a proven technique to keep criminals and vandals at bay. Constant, visible vigilance acts as a deterrent to potential criminals, as they are aware that their actions are being closely watched. 

Mobile patrols can be scheduled at any time, and are particularly effective during previously recorded windows of suspicious activity. 

Blackbird Security provides warehouse security solutions for warehouses and distribution centres.

Partner With Canada’s Leading Warehouse Security Company

Blackbird Security stands committed to ensuring the constant safety and security of our warehouse and distribution centre partners’ inventories. Our pride lies in delivering warehouse security services that set an industry standard for our partners. 

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