The Benefits of Residential Concierge Security

One of Blackbird Security’s most popular security services is our Residential Concierge Security. These dedicated security professionals go above and beyond in their duties, adopting a customer service approach to their work. This unique role in the security world is more than just a security guard.

In their day-to-day roles, they balance professionalism, property knowledge, building policies, world class security services, and many other specifics relating to the unique characteristics of the building. Not only will they help residents feel safe and secure in their homes, they can also offer emergency assistance and many other important tasks.

If you’re considering upgrading your residential concierge security, here are five benefits of partnering with Blackbird Security.

Available 24/7 When You Need it

Our residential concierge services can be customized whatever way you require. We understand each building and client has unique needs. That’s why we’re proud to offer customized security solutions. If one of your residents is locked out of their apartment, if they’re dealing with an emergency, our team will be there for them with a warm and reassuring presence.

World Class Security Coverage

Whether they’re monitoring CCTV, patrolling the car park, or carrying out access control, our concierge security team are highly skilled security guards that are always on the lookout for threats. They will act as the eyes and ears of your building, deterring crime in a highly visible manner. Should any incidents occur, they will prepare a detailed report with their findings so you’re informed as soon as possible.

Industry Leading Training

In today’s world, security guards can (and do) respond to every type of scenario. Through our pioneering Blackbird Academy training program, we equip our guards to feel confident they are trained to handle any eventuality their daily work throws at them. Modules we offer our concierge security team members include:

  • Advanced Security Training (taught by our in-house certified AST Training Manager)
  • Occupational First Aid (OFA) Certification
  • Naloxone Administration Training
  • John’s Mental Health Training
  • Trauma Informed Training
  • Indigenous Awareness Training 201 (in partnership with Indigenous Awareness Canada)
  • Customer Service Training
  • Incident De-escalation and Conflict Resolution Training
  • Verbal and Written Communication Training
  • Incident Report Writing
  • CCTV Training
  • Crowd Control Training
  • WHMIS Training

Package Handling

As more and more Canadians shop online, concierges are playing an increasingly important role in facilitating the process. After all, there’s nothing worse than ordering a package and not being home to accept it. Our residential concierge security team are happy to fulfill this task, safely holding packages until they’re ready to pick up.

Enforce Building Policies

The close quarters nature of apartment life can often result in unintended issues. Perhaps one resident is creating noise problems at night, or, a unit is hosting a boisterous party in the early hours. Whatever the issue, our residential concierge security guards are happy to enforce your building policies, with dedicated conflict resolution training ensuring tensions are diffused before they can become a problem.

Partner with Blackbird Security

Concierge guards provide versatile service to protect your specific building in the exact ways that you need. If you have questions about concierge services, or think that they might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to reach out

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