The Benefits of Mobile Security Patrol

Looking to increase your security presence on a budget? Blackbird Security’s Mobile Patrol offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative to a full-time security guard. Crime happens where environmental factors and opportunity allow it to. Our Mobile Patrols act as a powerful deterrent, following randomized schedules and routes that create uncertainty among criminals and prevent them from engaging in crime.

Having recently introduced this service across British Columbia, Alberta and now Winnipeg, we wanted to discuss the benefits of Mobile Patrols and how they help to protect our clients.

Immediate Response to Issues

Alongside their randomized routes, our Mobile Patrols are trained to respond promptly to alarms or emergency situations. They are trained to act quickly and efficiently to answer threats and maintain the safety of our clients’ property.

Instant Tracking

Utilizing the latest in GPS tracking technology clients can open an app and follow the progress of our Mobile Patrols. Once we have agreed the desired patrol routes with a client, we install GPS trackers along the route that ping as our team pass by. The location and time since last check-in can be instantly viewed through the app.

Cost Savings

Not every business can afford a full-time security solution. Blackbird’s Mobile Patrols offer a cost-effective solution that doesn’t skimp on coverage. Clients are free to choose the scope of guards’ service and we are happy to work out a flexible arrangement that works for any site’s unique security needs.

A Powerful Deterrent

In our experience, a huge percentage of property crimes are crimes of opportunity. Our Mobile Patrols are highly visible and act as a warning to anyone engaged in criminal activity. We ensure the timing of patrols is randomized so criminals are always left guessing whether they’ll be interrupted.

Mobile Patrols are Suitable for:

No matter how big or small your site is, mobile patrols focus on sensitive areas and vital arteries. Our teams are trained to respond to a variety of threats, and will alert you, and local police, should a threat be assessed. It’s suitable for the following types of properties:

  • Residential Buildings run by property management companies
  • Parking Lots
  • Office Buildings
  • Government Sites
  • Industrial Areas
  • Building Sites

Let Blackbird Security Help

Want to know how Blackbird Security’s Mobile Patrols can work for your business? Blackbird Security are Western Canada’s fastest growing security business. Contact us and we will be happy to chat.

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