The Benefits of a Mobile Patrol Unit

Security solutions, like most things in life, are not a one size fits all. There are businesses and scenarios that have similarities, and sometimes these similarities mean that a solution can be more easily anticipated. But in general, most cases are particular to their own set of factors and variables. This is why having a wide variety of different security options is important. One very effective option for many businesses and properties is mobile patrol security. This can be a very cost effective and proactive way to protect sites such as parking lots, construction sites, shipping yards, large parks, and even residential or apartment complexes and communities. Here are a few things that you should know about mobile security patrols: 

It’s an Immediate Crime Deterrent

When it comes to vandalism or theft, the individual or group of individuals responsible for a security breach will always consider a few things before acting. Often what is sought out is either an easy target with minimal security, or a target with predictable patterns. Traditional security coverage can be predictable to someone who has been closely watching, whereas a mobile patrol unit is unpredictable. The presence of a mobile patrol unit is an impactful and very visible reminder that a site is under active surveillance. Knowing and seeing that there is a mobile patrol unit in operation can be incredibly successful in deterring theft in its earliest stages.

No Coverage Area is Too Large

Sometimes the best security system is a combination of systems. There are a lot of good solutions involving guards, cameras or alarms, however these solutions are all limited by their physical location. For example, a stationary guard or camera can’t monitor an entire construction site, but to have guards stationed at multiple points throughout the site can quickly and steeply increase cost. Mobile patrol is cost efficient and allows for site-wide coverage. A mobile unit can patrol throughout your entire site, no matter how large. If a car can drive there, then a mobile patrol unit can provide coverage. Some units also provide on-foot coverage for any spaces or areas that cannot be accessed by a vehicle.

Mobile Patrol Units are Active

A mobile patrol unit is constantly on the move. Guards travel to various points and monitor security on an ongoing basis, meaning that they are constantly aware and alert, actively seeking out anything suspicious or unusual. They are prepared and ready to respond at any moment, and taking action when faced with a situation is what they are trained for. If there is ever indication of a breach or any peculiar activity, a mobile patrol unit is always on the move and can respond immediately. 

If you are managing a building or a site in need of security coverage, consider the advantages of mobile patrol!  This proactive and responsive option could be the solution that you’ve been looking for. If you’d like more information or a free quote, contact us today!

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