Summer Event Planning 2022 – The Security Basics

It’s mid-March and it finally feels like maybe, just maybe, life is getting back to normal. Canadian provinces are lifting their mask mandates, large events are coming back, and summer 2022 is shaping up to be one for the books. This month, we’re saying goodbye to the winter blues and looking ahead to a busy period in Canada for event security.

Already, Blackbird Security has announced we’re partnering with Cirque du Soleil to provide frontline event security support for their upcoming Vancouver and Toronto runs. Elsewhere, music festivals, conferences and sporting events are returning to full capacity and we couldn’t be more excited.

It’s a thrilling time for those in the event industry, but it’s also been over two years since many of these types of events were held. A little bit of rustiness is to be expected! With a few valuable months until summer event season kicks off, now is the perfect time to revisit those event security basics and start putting plans in place. We’ve put together a summer event 2022 security checklist to help take the stress out of event security planning.

What is the budget for event security?

As event planners know, the event budget is one of the critical early stages of event planning that must be decided upon. The budget for event security is a huge part of this plan, and many event planners underestimate how much they should be spending. Understanding your budget early allows you to decide which event security services are essential. Or, if you can stretch to a more robust event security package.

How many people are attending?

With people cooped up at home for much of the past two years, the public appetite for events this year is huge. Event planners should budget for higher attendances than in the past, as well as the potential for behaviour to get a little rowdy.

What are the biggest event security concerns?

Each event faces unique security challenges that must be accounted for. Create a list of the main threats your event needs to guard against, before devising a strategy on how to deal with those threats. Is there a risk of violence between attendees? Is theft or trespassing likely to be an issue? The overall threat mix will play a huge role in deciding how much event security is needed.

How likely is an incident?

Even the best-planned events have the potential to go wrong, but event planners can look to similar events or event history to understand how likely an incident is to occur. This year, assume these incidents are more likely to happen and plan accordingly.

Is alcohol being served at the event?

Depending on your viewpoint, alcohol is an event planner’s best friend, or their worst nightmare. Attendees love to go to events where alcohol is served, but its presence creates so much potential for incidents. Simply put, if your event is serving alcohol, you will need more event security.

What is the layout of the venue?

Event planners should pay particular attention to entrances, exits, key chokepoints and how these factors impact upon crowd flow. Understand potential weak points in entry barriers and create an event security plan to deal with them.

What level of security to attendees expect?

While we’re all eager to get back to normal, the world of events has rapidly changed due to COVID-19. Some attendees will want to see increased health and safety measures, some will feel reassured by a visible security presence. Think of the type of people attending your event and consider the level of security they might want to see.

Partner with Blackbird for Event Security

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