Static Security Guard vs Mobile Patrol: Which Is Right For My Business?

When it comes to safeguarding your business, it’s important to consider all of the security options available. These may include concierge security guards, tactical security guards, loss prevention security guards, and uniformed security guards. Each has its unique advantages and is suited to different types of businesses and security needs. However, there’s one security guard option that has been increasing in popularity in recent years and changing the landscape of security across a variety of industries: mobile security guards.

In this blog, we’ll explore the key differences between static security guards and mobile security guards to help you determine which is right for your business.

Blackbird Security provides static uniformed security guards and mobile patrol security guards to businesses across Canada

What Are Static Security Guards?

Static security guards are stationed at a site for the duration of their shift. These security guards include uniformed security guards, as well as most other types of security guards. Their primary role is to monitor and control access, observe activities, patrol the site, and respond to incidents at the site as needed.

Benefits of Static Security Guards

Static security guards provide a constant presence which actively deters potential criminals. The visibility of their uniform in addition to their constant vigilance provides a deterrent factor against troublemakers. Additionally, their constant presence ensures that any incidents or emergencies are addressed immediately, minimizing potential damage and harm.

Static security guards are ideal for businesses that require strict access control, such as corporate offices, residential buildings, government buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and some retail stores. They can constantly monitor who enters and exits the premises, ensuring only authorized individuals enter or ensuring that thieves do not leave the store without paying.

Static security guards often serve a dual role by providing customer service, greeting visitors, providing directions, and assisting with inquiries. Uniformed security guards in retail stores and hotels who are stationed at the building’s entrance are the first staff members a guest will interact with, making it important for static security guards to prioritize customer service. At Blackbird Security, our security guards experience our in-house customer service training. Learn more about Blackbird Academy.

Blackbird Security provides static uniformed security guards to businesses across Canada

What Are Mobile Patrol Security Guards?

Unlike static security guards who are stationed at a site for an entire shift, mobile security guards patrol using a marked security vehicle and move between different sites to conduct scheduled patrols. Their primary role is to monitor sites for security issues, make detailed reports of findings, and respond to any issues as required. Typically, mobile security guards will visit a single site several times in one day or night to ensure constant protection. For insight into a mobile guard's day-to-day activities, check out Blackbird Security's Day in the Life of a Mobile Patrol Guard video.

Blackbird Security providesmobile patrol security guards to businesses across Canada

Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Mobile patrols can cover a larger area compared to static guards. This makes them well-suited for businesses with extensive properties that would otherwise require multiple static guards to cover the same area, such as warehouses and distribution centres, construction sites, campuses and schools, and parking lots. As well, mobile patrols can cover businesses that have multiple properties, such as condominiums and retail stores.

Mobile patrols are highly versatile and can be tailored to the specific needs of a business. For example, if a business is concerned with vagrants sheltering illegally on the property overnight, a mobile security guard can assist in peacefully removing those individuals from the property.

Patrols conducted by mobile guards can not only be scheduled during any time of day or night but can also be conducted on a randomized schedule. This provides a high degree of unpredictability, making it harder for potential criminals to gauge the optimal time to commit a crime. Additionally, mobile security guards will respond promptly to any triggered alarms within a site. Should an alarm sound at a site, Blackbird Security’s 24/7 Control Centre team will immediately deploy the nearest mobile security guard to assess the situation and take action.

For businesses that do not require a constant security presence, mobile patrols are a more cost-effective option. They provide regular surveillance without the expense of maintaining multiple static guards, nor compromising quality or attention to detail.

Blackbird Security providesmobile patrol security guards to businesses across Canada

Which Is Right for Your Business?

The first step in determining between static security guards and mobile patrols should be an assessment based on your specific security needs. Consider the size and layout of your property, the level of security required, and your budget. Identify high-risk areas that require constant monitoring, as opposed to those that only need periodic checks.

Next, you’ll need to evaluate your budget. Static security guards provide a continuous security presence but can be more expensive because they’re present full-time. Conversely, mobile patrols are a more affordable option that provides intermittent surveillance.

Finally, the security company you choose to partner with will assess your business’s needs and recommend the best security coverage options. For clients that partner with Blackbird Security, we work closely with business leadership and management teams to develop a comprehensive security plan that maximizes protection while staying within budget.

Partner With Canada’s Best Static and Mobile Security Provider

Both static security guards and mobile patrols offer valuable benefits, but the right choice depends on your business's specific needs. Static guards are ideal for businesses that require constant monitoring and access control, while mobile patrols are suited for larger areas and complexes that need flexible security coverage. By evaluating your security requirements and consulting with experts, you can ensure that your business is protected as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Whatever your security needs, the team at Blackbird Security is here to ensure your property, assets, and inventory stay protected. Get in touch with us at the form below to learn how we can help.

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