Staff vs Security: Why You Probably Need Both

We’ve been touching on some major don’ts of the security industry this month. There are a lot of common security mistakes that can be detrimental, but can also be easily avoided with a bit of due diligence, thoughtfulness and preparation. We’re focusing on one major security do not this week, and it’s all about your staff. Do not: use staff in place of security.

Keep Staff Safe

As an employer, it is your legal duty to keep your employees safe at all times. This means providing your staff with adequate training and education, providing staff with any safety equipment that they require, ensuring that staff are working in a safe and secure environment, and having effective safety plans and protocols in place at all times. It’s important that staff know, in case of an emergency or security breach, who is in charge, where they should report to, and what their duties are. Their safety is important and can’t be overlooked when considering the safety of customers or assets.

Differentiate Between Staff and Security

When a staff member is on-boarded, not only should they be fully trained, but the scope of their role should be outlined and detailed. A common mistake that many businesses make is using staff rather than security guards to respond to and manage security threats. However, it is extremely important to differentiate between the two. If a staff member has not been fully trained, educated and hired as a security guard, then they can not be expected to carry out the role of a security guard.

When it comes to retail, not every business or location will necessarily need security guards stationed on-site at all times. But, if issues of violence, theft, disruption, or security breaches of any kind are occurring or recurring, then chances are your business needs additional security. Your staff members have a right to refuse unsafe work and should not be asked to apprehend shoplifters, manage situations of violence, or engage in anything that puts them in danger.

Set a Precedent

When you expect staff members to carry out the duties of a trained security guard, not only does this put your staff at risk, but it also demonstrates a lack of professionalism and increases the risk of repeat offences and losses incurred due to shoplifting. Staff who are not trained as security guards will not be able to deal with a security breach with the effectiveness of an actual security guard or security system. Shoplifters will quickly realize that your business does not have proper security in place, and you then become an easy target. Not only are you putting your staff at risk, but your assets as well.

Undertake a security audit to identify risks and weak points, and then create a security plan that takes into account the safety of your customers, your assets and, last but certainly not least, your staff members. If you need any assistance, contact us and we can help get the process started.

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