Security vs. Customer Service: Why Both Matter

If you own or manage a building, either residential or commercial, then chances are security is on your mind. Whether it’s a commercial office building or a residential condo building, you likely want a concierge service that can provide excellent customer service to anyone who is visiting, working or living on-site, but you also want top notch security. Here are the top benefits of a professional concierge and security service: 

Emergency Response 

Unlike some customer service professionals or receptionists, concierge professionals can administer first aid assistance. They can also act as a fire marshal in the case of an emergency. This is incredibly important in the case of a security breach or any kind of incident that puts the safety of those on-site into question. Having a regular concierge in place that residents know they can rely on for their administrative questions as well as their safety concerns can make a world of difference. 

Streamline Communications

We often think of hiring one specialized individual for one job, and another professional for another job. Traditionally there would be a concierge attendant, as well as a security guard. Hiring professional concierge services from a security company means that you get professionals who are both. Being able to carry out administrative tasks, welcome and direct visitors with the building, manage security and also administer first aid and emergency response makes these professionals incredibly valuable. It also means that communication is streamlined and details do not fall through the cracks!

Conflict De-escalation 

Concierge guards are not only trained in first aid and emergency response, but also in conflict resolution and de-escalation. This can be incredibly useful in the case of either a commercial or residential property. Sometimes a noise complaint or a neighbourly dispute can escalate. You may also have unwanted individuals attempting to gain access to the building. You could even have opposing businesses in a commercial building arguing over the use of a common or shared space. Sometimes these types of issues or disputes escalate, concierge guards are there to peacefully and effectively restore order. 

There are many benefits to employing professional concierge guards. They are able to provide the very best customer service and assist residents with tasks or issues that arise, all while simultaneously keeping things calm and secure. Building owners and managers can have full peace of mind knowing that trained guards are monitoring security, engaging with guests and implementing all business policies and procedures. If you’d like to know more about concierge services, get in touch! We’d be more than happy to help.

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