Security Guards, Uniformed or Undercover?

In last week’s blog we talked all about security audits, why they’re important and how they point to practical solutions. When it comes to retail security and loss prevention, the best solution can often involve on-site security guards. But security guards can be either undercover, in plain clothes, or visible, in uniform. So how do you know which option is best for you? Here are some things to consider when it comes to undercover and uniformed security:

Undercover Security

Undercover security guards blend in, meaning that they are able to spot theft as it’s happening, bringing it to a full stop before anything is actually stolen or damaged. Undercover security officers patrol the area discreetly and are experts in identifying any security threats or unwanted situations. They ensure that shoplifting is prevented and that all staff and customers enjoy a positive and pleasant experience while they are on the premises. Undercover security certainly has a number of advantages. Undercover officers are able to catch people unexpectedly, meaning that they can prevent a significant amount of theft. They can be extremely effective, especially in preventing loss for larger stores or companies.

Uniformed Security

Uniformed security guards stand out, they are easy to see and so they immediately create an impression and a specific atmosphere, simply by being present. They are seen as individuals of power and authority, and imply that if a theft is attempted, there will be consequences as a team is actively watching. Theft is often opportunistic, and so this presence, in many cases, is enough to stop the problem before it’s even started. Uniformed security guards are also useful in emergency situations as customers and staff know that they can go directly to an officer that is easily identifiable if a situation arises. Uniformed officers can often act as a very helpful liaison for customers, which can be very beneficial for store staff as well as the customers they are assisting. Blackbird Security’s uniformed guards are all fully trained in customer service and are prepared to deliver professional and effective help to customers and staff alike.  

Using Both

For some companies and retail locations, the best option is to hire both undercover and uniformed security. This may not always be necessary, but in some cases it can be extremely effective. A thief or troublemaker might see a uniformed officer and try to simply stay out of their view, so having an undercover officer on hand as well can make all the difference. Hiring both can be a great option for cases of severe or very frequent shoplifting.

As we’ve stated, the solution is often a little bit different for every location and company, as the needs are specific to each scenario. Consider what your greatest needs and problem areas are, as well as what you would benefit the most from. If you aren’t sure, start with a security audit and go from there! If you think that undercover or uniformed security guards would be a benefit to your retail location, get in touch and let’s talk about the options.

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