Security Guards: Uniformed or Elite Suit and Tie?

When we talk about security guards, a lot of people automatically picture a team of guards patrolling in obvious uniforms. However, this is just one type of security service. Sometimes guards do patrol in clear and obvious uniforms, but they also operate undercover, in plain clothes or even in a suit and tie. There are many security services to choose from. Here are a few reasons to consider an elite suit and tie service: 

Reinforce Your Brand 

Suit and tie security has a lot to do with who, in specific, your business serves. Like most businesses you probably serve a range of clients, however you need to identify your key demographic. If your brand is selling high end or luxury products, then chances are your key demographic reflects this prestigious or high end mentality. If this is the case, elite suit and tie security can make a huge difference for your business. Guards who are professional, polished and well-dressed will reflect and reinforce the high standards of your brand, attracting your key demographic. 

Set a Precedent

Having an elite security service on site sets an immediate precedent. Often, at a prestigious retail location or a high end event, a security guard is one of the first people that customers or attendees interact with. Whether they’re opening the front door to invite someone in, or monitoring the entrance of an exclusive party, these security guards contribute to your customers’ first impression. You want this first impression to set a standard. A guard in a suit and tie implies that customers or guests are entering a serious and professional establishment, where their actions are on watch and anything less than professional will not be tolerated. 

Highly Skilled 

The main thing to remember about an elite suit and tie security service is that you are still receiving top quality, skilled service. These security guards are immaculately dressed and incredibly professional in their customer service provision, but they are also highly trained in security services and management. They are always prepared and trained to de-escalate any security issues that may arise, act as first responders in the case of an emergency, respond to attempts of theft, and are specifically trained in protecting the privacy of high profile clients. 

Whether you’re producing a high end event or managing a prestigious retail location, consider an elite suit and tie security service. This type of security provision differentiates your brand, sets you apart as professional and high end, and provides security that is second to none. Learn more about our elite suit and tie service and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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