Security at the 2019 BC Tech Summit

Many people know our Blackbird Security team for the work that we do in retail spaces and with our teams of Patrol Officers, but we also manage security for an entire range of different events. Events can vary from small, one-off parties or concerts to large-scale, high caliber festivals and conferences, sometimes lasting an entire week. Security is critical when it comes to conducting a safe, enjoyable and professional event.

Continuing with our March theme of event security, we’re stopping this week to highlight a recent BC event that Blackbird Security was a part of! The BC Tech Summit took place last week at the Vancouver Convention Centre, welcoming people of all ages and travelling from far and wide. The summit was put on by Innovate BC and is Western Canada’s largest annual innovation event. Lasting for three days, it was packed full of various sessions, speakers, networking events, socials and exhibitors.

Blackbird Security had an excellent experience providing bodyguard and security services for the entire three-day event. Our team conducted access and entry control, crowd control and VIP protection for a number of VIP guests, including premier John Horgan. This event was large-scale, involving some very intricate scheduling and coordinating, but it was incredibly well-executed and our team was honoured to be a part of it. Through our security efforts we were able to keep the event, its attendees and its guest speakers safe and secure so that they could enjoy their experience without interruption or worry.

Being able to provide security for this multi-day event allowed us to see the inner workings and the effort required on behalf of the BC Tech Summit team in order to coordinate and carry out such an excellent event. The non-stop dedication that the organizing team put in is what made every day a complete success. At an event like this, it’s easy for our security staff to exceed expectations as they work tirelessly to match this high level of commitment and dedication, and contribute to the overall flow of the event through best security practices. At the end of the day, the event was seamless and all who attended were safe and secure throughout.

Are you planning an upcoming event? If so, whether it’s a small evening social event or a week-long convention, don’t forget about the importance of security! Talk with us today to discuss what security solutions might be best for you.

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