Securing Your Business in 2019

We’re right in the thick of the holiday season, which probably seems pretty hectic at the moment, but it’s a good time to start thinking ahead to the new year. Whether or not resolutions are your thing, the new year always presents a good opportunity to look back on what you’ve been doing and how you can adjust and improve moving forward. Here are some practical steps that you can take to improve your business or company’s physical and cyber security in the new year:

Look at the Data

This is the first step which will allow you to best decide on and prepare for what needs to happen next. Take a look at all of your data from the past few years. Where have you experienced security breaches, safety incidents or a loss of money or product? Knowing exactly what you’re working with will enable you to set goals and create a good plan moving forward. Be sure to consider both cybersecurity and physical security, and while you’re analyzing data you should also take a look at your information and storage, what high risk data do you possess and what would happen if a breach occurred?

Consider Your Tech

Information Technology (IT) is an important part of keeping any business or company secure. Having safe and secure IT practices in place means that your data, information, communications, invoices, financial records and much more remains secure. Uses for the internet are constantly evolving and expanding. This provides huge space for opportunity and potential growth, but it also increases the potential for threats. Without IT security measures in place, your business could be at risk of fraud, theft or breach. The issues that can arise due to a lack of IT security are extensive and can be costly or even impossible to reverse. Take some time this January to consider your tech and IT security, and consult with local companies who can provide you with IT support and solutions.

Update Systems

It’s important to stay up to date when it comes to security systems. Technology advances at a pretty rapid pace and while it can be both tiring and expensive to constantly stay updated on the latest tech, it is important to consider this from time to time. Take a look at your systems, research the latest models and what improvement have been made, and consider if these improvements are worth the investment. There might also be upgrades and instalments that you can purchase for your existing framework without having to replace an entire system, which of course will save some of the cost.

Perform a Security Audit

One of the best ways to optimize and prioritize your businesses security is by undertaking a full security audit. Carrying out a full and comprehensive audit will enable you to identity any and all weak spots within your security systems and plans, it will allow you to discover new and efficient ways of securing your business and it will leave you with practical steps to take. Sitting down with a security professional and analyzing the ins and outs of your specific business and security needs is an incredibly valuable exercise and will push your practices to the next level.

Take Loss Prevention Measures

Loss prevention is an important thing to consider when looking at a businesses overall safety system and security procedures. When it comes to theft and financial loss, it’s important to know exactly what and why your business is experiencing loss. Taking the time to identify the weak points in your system that are allowing for loss will enable you to amp up your security procedures in a way that will directly impact your bottom line. Increasing the right kind of security means decreasing financial loss.

Educate Your Team

Every staff member within your business should understand your security policies and procedures, and why they are important. Hold a mandatory session on your security procedures to ensure that everyone is up to speed, and integrate this as a step in your on-boarding process when hiring new staff. Spending a short amount of time with staff to explain how security policies impact their role and responsibilities can have a significant impact. In order to be effective, policies must be integrated at every level.

Take the time to implement some security updates this year, whether related to cyber or physical security, and consider where you can improve. If you need assistance in carrying out your plans or need to undertake a full security audit, let us know!

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