Securing Transition Houses and Shelters with Tactical Security Programming

Community organisations provide a crucial service to individuals in need of help, especially during winter months when the demand for shelter rises. One such organisation is Operation Sharing, a non-profit homeless shelter in Woodstock, Ontario. Operation Sharing provides the homeless community with meals, hygiene items, care, shelter, and support when it’s needed most. 

Blackbird Security shares Operation Sharing’s mission and values of care and community safety. We’re proud to partner with them to provide additional support for staff and safety services for their clients. 

Blackbird helps Operation Sharing in providing security at shelters

Tactical Security Guards Provide Support 

The tactical security guards assisting at Operation Sharing’s shelters are highly trained and endeavour to maintain a safe, peaceful environment through the strategic use of de-escalation tactics. 

As part of providing a safe and secure site, our tactical security guards are equipped to navigate a variety of emergency scenarios. Their skills include administering first aid, facilitating safe evacuations, and seamlessly collaborating with emergency services, including submitting police reports when necessary. 

 Often, our tactical guards are the first point of contact for clients and staff. With this in mind, our guards are trained with a customer-service approach to security, providing empathetic and compassion-driven service with an emphasis on respect. Our security guards act as an extension of the Operation Sharing team, cultivating a positive environment for both staff and clients. 

Blackbird helps Operation Sharing in providing security at shelters

What to Look for When Choosing  Security for Vulnerable People: Conflict Resolution & De-Escalation

Security guards who work closely with vulnerable members of the community must possess a comprehensive set of first-aid, de-escalation, and mental health support skills to ensure safety for all. In addition to the standard rigorous training received by Blackbird Security’s professional guards, tactical security personnel receive advanced in-house training to further bolster their skillset. 

Here’s an inside look at the additional knowledge tactical security guards need in order to support security within shelters.

Respect-Oriented Mindset: Security staff should treat patrons of all genders, ethnicities, ages and abilities with respect and integrity. Being respectful and empathetic is key when working with vulnerable populations. 

Verbal Conflict De-Escalation Training: De-escalation is a tactical security guard’s first response when conflicts arise. Blackbird’s guards are skillfully trained in de-escalation and use upper-level skills to mitigate conflicts peacefully and safely. 

Health and Safety Training: Our guards are highly trained in safety protocols and occupational first aid, providing an additional layer of support for the staff and clients should a medical emergency arise. Tactical security guards are trained in Naloxone administration, providing an essential lifeline to individuals experiencing overdose. 

Mental Health First Aid Training: Advanced mental health training equips security guards to assist with a variety of mental health disorders and conditions, including substance-related disorders. Consider partnering with a security business that works with an accredited institution to provide mental health training for security guards, such as the program provided by St. John Ambulance

Cultural Sensitivity:. Blackbird Security guards are expected to uphold cultural sensitivity in order to provide a foundation of support and respect to all clients. Our training covers racial profiling and subconscious bias to ensure all security measures are objective. In addition, Indigenous Awareness Training is assigned to specific sites upon request and relevancy. 

Wanding & Weapons Training: As a matter of safety, security guards who work with vulnerable members of the community should be trained in weapon awareness, wanding, confiscation, and logging. 

Previous Experience: Partnering with a security company that has prior experience in the community support field is another essential element to consider when choosing security staff. Blackbird Security guards are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to facilitate safety for vulnerable populations. 

Read more about our extensive tactical security program. 

Blackbird helps Operation Sharing in providing security at shelters

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Security guards do more than simply deter crime. Equipped with the right set of skills, your security guards can provide an invaluable additional layer of support for your staff and organisation.

Blackbird Security is committed to serving communities and making a positive impact. Partner with us in assisting your organisation and cultivate a culture of education-based safety for your staff and clients. 

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