Salvaging and Securing White Rock Pier

There are a lot of uses for security services, many of which can often seem quite obvious. Security services are typical in contexts like retail, events, festivals, the hospitality industry, property management and even managing VIP personnel. It’s important, however, to consider some of the lesser known uses for security, as security services can be an impactful solution for a very wide range of issues.

As you probably know, in December 2018 Vancouver was struck with a powerful storm that rendered the iconic White Rock Pier completely battered and broken. The White Rock Pier has been a beloved icon and an important historic site in the Vancouver area for many years, serving as a site for both practicality and leisure. It’s a staple for many Vancouver locals, a hot spot for summer afternoons and strolls along the coast.

When the storm hit in December, the bridge was essentially snapped in half, and left useless. This, of course, did not bode well for the local people or for city officials. A plan was put in place to begin working on the pier right away, salvaging what remained and reconstructing the rest. Once the project began, work was off to a good start and progress was underway, however the project lacked in security planning. Soon enough the site became a target for theft, looting and general vandalism. This was a problem for the salvaging company as, of course, the work could not be carried out when tools and important pieces of equipment were being stolen and progress was being destroyed. The project also posed a very significant safety concern. It attracted a great deal of unwanted attention, and to have individuals wandering around the pier late at night near the water was incredibly dangerous.

The project coordinators knew that something had to be done. They reached out and Blackbird Security has now been patrolling the site regularly to watch for loitering, theft, vandalism and any unruly behaviour or potential security threats. Since, there have been no instances of theft and no one has attempted to access the work site, as was happening previously. The improvements have been significant, the site has become much more secure and the project has been able to proceed.

Security can deter potential issues and threats in many different contexts and situations, beyond what may seem typical. Having security present at a construction site, industrial yard or even at a port or pier can be hugely impactful. Not only does it deter theft and vandalism, but it also stops potentially dangerous or life-threatening situations from occurring. Works sites that are left unattended at night can be both a source of danger and a source for destruction and vandalism. If you are interested in security planning for an upcoming project, or want to consider the options for securing a current construction site, an industrial site, a shipping yard, a port or a pier, contact us today! No matter the issue, we have a solution.  

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